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Where to go with children in St. Petersburg on vacation

It is best to use the children's vacation as an opportunity to relax with the whole family.

If you live in a major city like St. Petersburg, you have many opportunities to be interesting and useful to spend time with their children.



If your child loves animals, considerprogram according to his tastes. For example, visit the St. Petersburg Oceanarium - here you can see the huge aquariums with a wide range of fauna. Several times a day at the aquarium are performances of sharks, rays and seals. In animals you can see in the Leningrad Zoo. On New Year holidays there organize special tours for children, may communicate with domesticated animals.


Go with your child to the circus. Every year school holidays organized special presentation. For example, in the winter vacation in 2013-2014 can be seen costume show with clowns and acrobats.


An excellent option of rest - a joint exit intheater. At the Bolshoi Theatre and the Puppet "puppet" you can see puppet shows for all ages. Children's Musical Theater "Through the Looking Glass" is also regularly organizes special presentation on vacation. And in the theater-studio "Smeshariki" Children under 10 years will be able to do even participate in the creation of New Year's cartoon. For older students can purchase tickets at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic and the Mariinsky Theatre.


Take the child to a museum with an exhibitioninteresting for children. Kids can draw Petersburg Puppet Museum and Museum "Skazkin house", where you can learn more about their favorite cartoon characters and see a puppet show. Older children are interested in more than a visit to the planetarium or visit the cruiser "Aurora" with a guided tour and a story about the history of St. Petersburg.


Interesting activities for children and spendmany shopping centers. For example, in the shopping center "Gallery" on winter vacation daily arrange a mini-presentation with competitions, master classes in sculpting, painting, felting wool and other interesting hobby. And in the shopping center "MEGA" children will be offered to paint the gingerbread, decorate cupcakes, make Christmas cards.


Be sure to include in the program of holidaysoutdoor activities. You can visit one of the city's skating rinks and ski slopes, toboggan in a snowy town or even to visit the kennel Siberian huskies. Create exciting program can be yourself. There is another option - to apply to the entertainment agency. You will be offered a complete package for one or two days for children of any age.

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