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WHERE to deal with donative


Where to deal with donative</a>

Many people with age are thinking about how to transfer their property to their relatives.

There are two optimal ways - testament andDonative. The will comes into effect only after the death of the owner, and the donative allows in life to make sure that the property was left to those to whom it was intended.

The main thing is to arrange everything correctly.



A gift, or a gift, is calledA contract that implies the free transfer of ownership rights from one person to another. The donor does not have the right to impose conditions on the gifted, and this is the difference of the gift from the will. In addition, the donor loses the right to property immediately, as soon as the donative is signed, so that he must fully understand his own actions.


Real estate is the most complex kind of property, allTransactions with it are subject to registration with the FRS, where you need to provide the gift agreement and other documents required for registration and that comply with the requirements of the Law on State Registration.


Presence of a notary when drawing up a giftIt is not necessary, however, it should be noted that it is very difficult to draw up a contract independently, one inaccuracy, a blot or a mistake in a word is sufficient so that the contract together with the accompanying documents was returned for revision in a month. After correcting the errors, you must again contact the FRS, which is quite problematic, taking into account the queues.


Therefore, it is recommended to refer toNotary, which will help you competently make a gift agreement and save time. You need to provide the notary with an identification code, passport, documents confirming the right to real estate, as well as other documents, the list of which is the same as when registering a purchase and sale of real estate. This is an extract from the house book, a certificate from the BTI, property evaluation. Nevertheless, in each specific case, the list of documents may vary, and some documents require an assurance from a notary.


For example, if the apartment in which theTo issue a gift agreement, minors live, documents of guardianship and trusteeship bodies are needed. If the giftee is a minor, you need the same document.

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