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Where to go when buying an apartment

Where to go when buying an apartment

Buying an apartment - it is expensive, and therefore a very important and risky.

Not to be mistaken with the choice, not to overpay and not to fall for the bait to the fraudsters need to know where and how to appeal the case.



Most likely, you have already decided what marketproperty interests you - secondary or primary. From this choice depends on the further algorithm of your actions. With "a primary" is simple enough. Advice - give preference to the company-developer, which is already well established. If your city has unfinished homes, which in this form are more than one year, should know which company is engaged in construction. It does not fit you exactly.


Look through newspaper advertisement, take a look atInternet advertising and decide with a choice of several firms. And then you can safely communicate with them and go to choose a place to live. Handle with a realtors simply does not make sense. You just overpay for the work you'll be able to easily do without spending a lot of time.


But if you plan to buy "the secondary", thesearch for service apartments is better to pay. A real estate agent will save your time as much as possible, it will be to pick up the options apartments that fit your requirements, whether it is a high floor, the presence of European-quality repair, or separate toilet.


To find a good real estate company,Of course, it is possible to listen to the advice of friends. But do not stop in the search. Apartment buying you, not your friends. So go to the real estate agency proposed to you, look at the situation in the company, communicate with specialists. Of course, a sign of the reliability of the company are certificates and licenses, but in addition to it a criterion for selection should be the style of communication and the agent with clients, business and serious approach.


Real estate company - not the last placeyou still have to turn to. It will be necessary to go to Companies House for the deal, the bank - for the transfer of funds to the seller. But all this will help you to do realtor.


It may be such that the buyer, evensmall overpayment impossible. Then it is necessary to approach the issue of choice of the apartment on their own, using newspaper ads and websites. A real estate agency go to the stage of signing the contract of sale. For a small fee experts competently and help him make the deal done before the end.

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