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WHERE to go to work without experience


Where to go to work without experience</a>

Having work experience is a key factor in job placement.

But if it is not there, do not be upset, because without him, too, there are many options to get a job.



Option 1. Employment for low-skilled jobs.
Unfortunately, this is the work itselfLow-paid. This profession of the seller, cleaner, handyman, longshoreman, etc. If the work for such work is paid a little above the expected level, it means that the work can take place in difficult, stressful conditions, connected with harmful factors in the workplace. Such employment can suit extremely unprejudiced people. Unfortunately, such work is often arranged for pensioners because of a beggarly old-age pension.


Option 2. Employment for young people.
In the case of employment of people of the younger generationThe situation is somewhat different. Young people will find it fairly easy to find work without experience, as training often takes place in the workplace. Such jobs include the work of a sales consultant, a cashier, a low-level manager, an operator-telephonist, etc. In addition, career growth in such work is unremarkable, since a young man, by manifesting himself, can attract the attention of management.


Option 3. Self-employment - entrepreneurship.
Of course, not everyone is given an entrepreneurialVein, but if it is, why not try to organize your own business. The question arises when the initial capital is required. And then the young entrepreneur goes to the bank for a loan. In Russia, lending to small businesses takes place with the heaviest interest rates (10-15% per annum), so you need to understand all the risks that arise when you payables.


Option 4. Self-employment is a free profession.
For those who are not deprived of literacy, knowledge inProgramming or other skills that were obtained during study or self-education, there is such a profession as a freelancer. This is free employment, where there is only one work chain - an employee and an employer who hires him to perform a specific task. Tasks are different: writing a text of a given topic, writing a piece of code, translating text, etc. With the number of successfully completed tasks, the freelancer rating among customers increases. The payment for labor is also on the increase. Therefore, if a person is ready for painstaking and regular work, then the profession of a freelancer is what you need.

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