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Where to go to work without education

Where to go to work without education

Selection of place of work is quite a challenge, which becomes even more difficult if one does not have any education.

But do not be upset, because there is always a demand for unskilled labor.

The main thing to know where to go.



Rough labor

Professions loader, handyman, guardThey are low-skilled. This list could go on for quite some time, but if a man is looking for a job with no requirements for education, the first option - to do physical labor. The easiest way to get a job as a loader. In major cities across the country is very well developed network of grocery shopping, labor turnover in them is quite high, so the demand for physical brute force is always there. Besides working in the store, there is a real opportunity to learn to work at the cash register, and learn the basics of merchandising - Art correct placement of goods.


Scope of trade

As a rule, companies that sell(Irrespective of which: food, art, color, etc.) is quite easy to take people without the formation of a job. Some firms are engaged in training the person in the workplace. In addition, in the largest of them can achieve career if manifest zeal. Most gladly accepted the post of sales consultants young people aged from 18 to 25 years.


Services sector

Cleaning of territories and buildings, cleaningcars, beautification of the area, etc. - All areas in which to work willingly take people with no education. Of course, to make good money this kind of work is very hard, but if you work in municipal services for improvement of the city, according to the current legislation, such a worker can provide free accommodation, subsidized meals and medical care.


Work with training in employment

Young firms often recruit employees withouteducation and work experience, preferring to train them right during operation. Such firms often arise in the areas of nutrition, logistics, law enforcement, etc. Sometimes employment is required to pass a probationary period which labor law should not exceed 3 months. In the course of his passes learning the basics of a craft, after which the final decision on hiring a young employee.

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