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WHERE to go to work for a student


Where to go to work for a student</a>

Studentism is an amazing time when a person learns the knowledge that will be used in everyday life. Often the desire to have money arises also during study.

But finding a job for a student is quite a serious problem.



Option 1. Unskilled labor.
A student can go to work where there is noSome requirements for education and qualification of the employee. A student can get a job as a waiter, a salesman, a promoter, a telephone operator or someone else for whom the training takes place directly at the workplace. This condition is often specified in the ads of employers who are interested in the new workforce. But here there are nuances. In order to be able to study and work at the same time, one must look for employment with a flexible working schedule. Not all employers are willing to go for this, so when interviewing a student it is necessary to discuss with the potential employer this moment. Another nuance is the timely payment of labor. The employer is interested in saving the pay of a layman. Therefore, when concluding an employment contract, it is necessary to find out all the terms of payment for labor. Another point is the existence of an employment contract. In no event can you agree to work where you are denied the conclusion of such work.


Option 2. Employment by profession.
This is a very difficult variant of employment forStudent. A rare employer will agree to hire, for example, an economist with incomplete higher education, and even with a flexible work schedule. But if a student intends to work in the specialty before receiving a diploma of higher education, he will have to sweat seriously, proving his professional worth. We will have to go through a lot of interviews, go through a lot of failures and, as it often happens, agree to less favorable working conditions than we would like. But in this case, the student has a serious advantage over other future colleagues in his specialty - he is already an expert. And this is confirmed - a record in the work book. Therefore, if a graduate already leaves his first job, where he already worked in the specialty, and wants to settle in a new place, then he will have a serious advantage over other graduates of higher educational institutions of his specialty.


Option 3. Your business.
This is an extremely interesting way to make moneyFor the student. But unlike the first two ways of employment, everything will depend on a person's personal initiative, on his current knowledge and skills. To organize your own business, regardless of its specifics, you will have to sacrifice part of the study time. Either all the time, if it comes to renting a room, employing your own employees, etc. Therefore, you need to weigh all the pros and cons before taking on this. It's another matter if it's about a business that is not tied to a specific place, time or people. This is an Internet business, doing various work at home, providing various services to remote clients. The best example of such employment is the profession of a freelancer. It can be writing custom texts of a certain subject, writing software, making translations from foreign languages, etc. It all depends on the skills of the student. The plus of such employment is that if a graduate of a university does not manage to get a job in the specialty, then he will not remain without work anyway, because there is a matter that he loves and knows how to deal with.

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