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Where to go to work student

Where to go to work student

Students - is an amazing time, when a man absorbed by the knowledge that they will be used in everyday work life. Often there is a desire to have earnings during their studies.

But for a student employment is quite a serious problem.



Option 1: Unskilled labor.
The student can go to work where there is nosome requirements for education and qualifications of the employee. A student can get a waiter, the seller, a promoter, a telephone operator, or anyone else for whom learning is on the job. This condition is often stipulated in the ads of employers, who are interested in the new labor force. But there are nuances. In order to be able to study and work at the same time, it is necessary to seek employment with flexible working schedule. Not all employers are willing to go for it, so when you interview a student is required to negotiate with a potential employer that moment. Another caveat - the timeliness of remuneration. An employer is interested in how to save on wages layperson. Therefore, when an employment contract is necessary to find out all the conditions of payment. Another point - the presence of any employment contract. In no event it is impossible to accept jobs where the conclusion is denied.


Option 2: Employment in the specialty.
This is a very difficult option for employmentstudent. Rare employer agrees to hire, for example, an economist with incomplete higher education, so even with a flexible work schedule. But if a student is going to work in the specialty have to give them a higher education diploma, he will have to seriously work hard, prove their aptitude. We'll have to go through a number of interviews, go through a lot of failures, and as is often the case, to agree to less favorable working conditions than we would like. But in this case, the student appears a significant advantage over other future colleagues in the specialty - he was an expert. And there is proof - entry in the workbook. Therefore, if you are already a graduate will leave with her first place of work, where he has worked in the specialty, and wants to be arranged on a new place, it will have a major advantage over other graduates of his specialty.


Option 3: Your Business.
This is a very interesting way to make moneyfor the student. But unlike the first two methods of employment, everything will depend on the individual's personal initiative of its current knowledge and skills. For one's own business, regardless of its specific features, will have to sacrifice part of the learning time. Either all of the time, if we are talking about renting some space, employment of its own employees, etc. Therefore it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons before proceeding with this. Another thing, if it comes to business, which is not tied to a particular place, time and people. This internet business, performance of various work at home, the provision of various services to remote clients. The best example of such employment - freelance profession. It can be custom writing texts about specific topics, writing software, translations from foreign languages, etc. It all depends on the skills of the student. The advantage of such employment is that if the graduates of the university will not be able to get a job in his specialty, the unemployed, he still will not, in fact, is a work which he loves and knows how to deal with.

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