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WHERE to go to work if there are children


Sysadmin, designer, journalist - a young mother has a choice</a>

Not every employer will risk taking a young mother with a small child.

Under labor law, of course, no oneHas the right to refuse to hire a woman if her qualification meets the requirements. But a plausible pretext, which even the prosecutor's office will not even help, is quite easy to find.

Therefore, if you have to change your job, when the children have not grown up yet, pick one on which your family affairs will not be particularly affected.

You will need

  • - phonebook-
  • - computer with internet access.



Contact your local Employment Center. In many regions of Russia, there are special programs for retraining for women who are on the decree or on leave to care for the child. You can be offered not only a place of work that fully meets the needs of mother with children, but also the opportunity to get the right profession, and for free.


Holders of some professions can withoutSpecial work to find a job in a specialty outside the office or enterprise. And this is not only the profession associated with the recruitment or writing of texts, the administration of sites and groups in social networks. Translators, journalists, architects, programmers and designers have long switched to freelancing. But a seamstress, a knitter, an embroideress, an artist can work at home - the list of possible classes can be continued. By the way, now so-called scattered enterprises are extremely popular. The employer issues tasks and provides materials, employees make souvenirs, sew clothes, glue envelopes right in their apartment. True, we need to take a very careful look at the drafting of the employment contract, since there are also false "employers".


If you still want to work in the office or on theCompany, look at the list of vacancies and try to find a job with a more or less free schedule. A shop, a school, a factory with a conveyor belt is not yet for you. But you can try to get a job as a courier, especially if you have a car and a driver's license. For a modern woman who has a good command of computer technologies, the system administrator's work is also possible under the contract.


Those who love not only their child, but alsoChildren in general, you can get a job in a kindergarten. This is especially useful if the baby got there. Is there no special education to get a job as a teacher, a cook or a nurse? It's okay, in the kindergarten there is also an unskilled, but very necessary work - a junior tutor or a kitchen worker. The work is hard, but everyone treats with understanding if you are forced to leave for a sick leave.


A young mother who drives a car well,Always can find a suitable taxi company. Many taxi drivers work at a convenient time for themselves. Accepts call dispatcher, which gives some security guarantees. But the work of the "wild" taxi driver you definitely will not do.


Nothing prevents a young mother with children from becomingAn individual entrepreneur. In this case it is important to choose the right types of activities. Are there acting skills? You can become an animator, spend children's morning performances, birthdays, game programs. Are there artistic skills? You can try to decorate rooms, sew theatrical costumes, make scenery. In a word, you have a suitable occasion to engage in an interesting business, which can also bring a good income.

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