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Where to go to work, if you have children

Sysadmin, designer, journalist - a young mother has a choice

Not every employer dare to take a young mother with a small child.

According to the labor legislation, of course, no onethe woman is entitled to refuse to hire, if it meets the requirements of the qualification. But excuse, to which not even prideretsya prosecutors, quite easy to find.

Therefore, if you have to change jobs when the children are not grown, pick this, where your family affairs will be felt not very strongly.

You will need

  • - phonebook-
  • - A computer with Internet access.



Contact your local employment center. In many regions of Russia have special retraining program for women who are on maternity leave or leave to care for a child. You may be offered not only a place of work that fully complies with the needs of mothers with children, but also the opportunity to obtain the desired profession, and it is free.


Owners of some professions may noteasily find jobs in their field outside the office or enterprise. And it is not just a profession, associated with a set or writing texts, administration sites and groups in social networks. Translators, journalists, architects, programmers, and designers have long switched to freelance. But working at home can and seamstress, knitter, embroiderer, the artist - a list of possible activities can be continued. By the way, is now extremely popular so-called scattered enterprise. The employer provides jobs and provides materials, workers make souvenirs, sew clothes, glue envelopes directly at his apartment. However, you need to pay careful attention to the preparation of an employment contract, as there are also fake "employers".


If you still want to work in the office or on theplant, scroll through the list of vacancies and try to find a job with more or less a free schedule. Shops, schools, a conveyor factory - this is not for you. But try to get a courier can be, especially if you have a car and a driver's license. For the modern woman, fluent in computer technology, and can work under the contract system administrator.


For those who love not only your child, but alsochildren in general, you can get a job in a kindergarten. This is especially useful if the baby got there the place. No professional education to get a teacher, a nurse or a cook? Do not worry, in kindergarten there and unskilled, but very necessary work - young teacher or kitchen worker. Work hard, but all belong to the understanding, if you are forced to go to the hospital.


The young mother, who drives a car well,You can always find the right taxi company. Many taxi drivers are working in a convenient time. It receives calls Manager that gives some security guarantees. But the work of "wild" the taxi driver you will definitely not work.


Nothing prevents the young mother with children to becomeindividual entrepreneur. In this case, it is important to choose the right activities. There acting ability? You can become an animator, children spend mornings, birthdays, game programs. There are artistic abilities? You can try to make out the premises, theater costumes to sew, make decorations. In short, you have a perfect excuse to do interesting work, which also can bring good income.

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