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WHERE to go to work if there is no higher education


Where to go if there is no higher education</a>

In search of employment, the applicant hasPass through many filters and restrictions. One of the requirements that can put an end to a successful career is the compulsory availability of higher education.

Not everyone can boast of a university diploma.

Where do you go if you just graduated from school, study or have a secondary special education?



Carefully study the publications where they are publishedInformation about job vacancies. This can be free newspapers, electronic bulletin boards, Internet portals dedicated to employment. You can often find ads that indicate that education does not matter. Many organizations require intelligent workers who are ready to learn a specialty directly at the workplace.


If you liked a particular job, inWhich the requirement for higher education is spelled out clearly, do not hesitate to offer your services to such an employer. Practice shows that often the ads are made according to the template or accepted in the society stereotype, although in fact the level of education of the applicant is not very important. If you are hardworking, educated, experienced in everyday life and know the chosen field of activity at a professional level, the employer may turn a blind eye to the lack of higher education.


Contact the territorial Employment CenterOf the population. There you will be able to offer a list of vacancies that do not require higher education. Of course, not every workplace can guarantee a decent salary level. But do not despair. For a professional start and the accumulation of work experience, the vacancy offered to you can be quite sufficient. In the same employment service you can get a referral to training courses for one of the specialties in demand on the market.


Try your hand at direct sales. Today, the market operates a lot of companies that work on the principles of social marketing - "from person to person." The essence of the work is to promote the most diverse goods and services to the end consumer. Do not be embarrassed by the need to sell. So you can get not only effective communication skills, important in any field of activity, but also be able to develop organizational skills and management skills of your own business.


When choosing a place of work, focus on twofactor a. The first is the correspondence of activities to your natural inclinations, experiences and interests. No less important is the second factor - the demand for selected activities in the labor market. After all, even the availability of higher education does not guarantee today that you can get a job in the acquired specialty.

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