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Where to go to work, if there is no higher education

Where to go to work, if there is no higher education

Finding job applicant has topass through many filters and restrictions. One of the requirements, which can put an end to a successful career - the obligatory presence of higher education.

Not everyone can boast a university diploma.

Where to go to work, if you're just out of school, studying or have specialized secondary education?



Carefully read the newspaper, which publishesinformation about employment vacancies. It can be complimentary newspapers, bulletin boards, online portals dedicated to employment. Often you can find ads that indicated that education is not important. Many organizations require intelligent workers who are ready to learn a specialty on the job.


If you like a particular vacancy inthat the requirement of higher education is clearly spelled out, do not hesitate to offer their services to such employer. Practice shows that often ads are compiled pattern or stereotype accepted in society, but in fact the level of education of the applicant is not very important. If you are hardworking, teachable, have the life experience and versed in the chosen field of activity at a professional level, the employer may close their eyes to the lack of higher education.


Refer to the regional Employment Centerpopulation. There you will be able to offer a list of jobs that do not require higher education. Of course, not every job can guarantee decent wages. But do not despair. For professional start and the accumulation of work experience job offered to you may be quite sufficient. In the same employment service, you can get directions to the training courses of one of the most popular professions in the market.


Try your hand in the field of direct sales. Today the market is working a lot of companies working on social marketing principles - "from person to person." The essence of the work is in progress to the final consumer a wide variety of goods and services. Do not confuse the need to engage in sales. So you can get not only the skills of effective communication are important in any business, but also be able to develop their own organizational skills and business management skills.


Choosing a place of work, guided by twofactor a. First - this is the line-up by your natural inclinations, experience and interests. No less important is the second factor - the relevance of the chosen activities in the labor market. Even the presence of higher education today does not guarantee that you will be able to get to work in their specialty.

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