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Where to turn to veteran

Veteran help the committee of social protection and social organization

Veterans in Russia quite a lot.

It is not only the participants of the Great Patrioticwar, but also those who fought in Afghanistan or "hot spots", as well as people who are awarded this title for many years of hard work. In some regions, there are also veterans' category.

Each holder of certificate veteran is entitled to certain benefits and payments, but does not always know where to go to get them.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - Military ticket (for the ex-servicemen) -
  • - Certificate of veteran or veteran of the fighting truda-
  • - Pension insurance svidetelstvo-
  • - phonebook-
  • - A computer with Internet access.



The first step should be to contact the department orSocial Protection Committee of the local administration. There is a database of all the privileged categories of citizens. A committee of social protection are some of the payments, in the same place you can provide information whether there is in your town or village public organization uniting veterans of a particular category. In addition, the Department of Social Security you should explain what benefits or lump-sum payments you are entitled to, they go through this department or the Pension Fund, is there for your category municipal targeted programs (eg, housing) and what to do to in participate. Be sure to learn in advance about the reception days and hours. The local departments of Social Protection recorded in advance is usually not necessary, but it is better to find out in advance.


Contact your local branch of the Pension Fund. Most veterans benefits and payments is precisely through this structure. The local office will bring you into the database, explain what benefits and bonuses you'll get and in what order. The Pension Fund must also inform the citizens of the respective category of changes in the law, the appointment of one-time payments (eg, anniversaries), etc. Typically, this is done through the local media.


It is possible that in your villagethere is a public organization of veterans. This can be citywide or township Veterans Council, the Council of veterans or military actions in Afghanistan. In many of these organizations can receive qualified legal aid on various issues. For example, the Council of veterans of special risk - large jurisprudence, there are examples of documents that may be needed veteran of the relevant group to court for handling. Veterans' organizations arrange for those who are in them is, cultural and sports activities, when they exist mutual fund. Industry veteran organizations often help in finding employment.

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