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Museum. Pushkin in St. Petersburg

Who said that the museum - it is boring ?!

Contemporary Russian museums offer visitors a variety of exposure, inserting unusual, exciting journey into the world of the past.



In Moscow, visit to the Museum of Private CollectionsVolkhonka 10. This young exposition center, which today can be seen gathered over decades, and donated to the museum collection of art. Each exhibit complements the other as if to create a complete picture of the perception.


Look at the State Darwin Museum(Moscow, Vavilov, 57), the exhibition is updated monthly. This is a fascinating journey through the milestones of human evolution. Most of the exhibits did not need comments, besides the museum staff came up with a unique move - they offer visitors something like a tutorial that tells about the exhibitions. You can watch, read, and something even touch. Yet, if time allows, invite the guide, you will appreciate how diverse and unusual in the world.


A bit shocking and very natural museumart and life in the Gulag during the "Memorial" society (Moscow, Small Carriage Lane., 12). Walk on exposures to children, may not be worth it, but adults look at war and the horrors of camp life is necessary.


The cultural capital, in addition to the Hermitage,State Museum, visit the private museum of contemporary art Erarta (St. Petersburg, 29-line, 2). Mesmerizing installation and videography. In March, be sure to look at the short film festival Erarta MOTION PICTURES.


Fans of avant-garde art like museumin the former home of Michael and Elena Guro Matyushina - Petersburg avant-garde museum. In addition to the collection of paintings, sculptures and other art works from different years, here recreated workshop of the avant-garde, as well as a collection of violins Matyushina.


To join the culture of the Tatar people is possible inNational Museum of the Republic (Tatarstan, Kazan, Kremlin Street, 2). This is a real research center, but because of his visit can ideally be combined with part of the educational program students.


In the Arkhangelsk region with about 30 museumsrich fund. Here everyone will find something to see. Literary Museum of Regional Studies, Museum of Fine Arts, History, Architecture (all in Arkhangelsk). See the exhibition at the Museum of cows in Lyavle. Walk "Red Smithy" in the shipyard (Arkhangelsk, pr. Nicholas, 15).


Beyond the Urals to visit Novokuznetsk, Museum Kuznetsk fortress - the whole architectural composition of the military fortifications that had never become parties to the hostilities.

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