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Where to go to study in Vladivostok

Where to go to study in Vladivostok

Vladivostok - one of the most important cities in the Far East in the field of economics, politics and science.

Here are the most popular and famous educational institutions of Primorsky Krai.



The largest city is the universityFar Eastern Federal University. Here, training is conducted by more than 600 educational programs, enrollment of over 24,000 students and 500 graduate students. Number of teachers at the University - 1598, of which 1 058 are doctors and candidates of sciences.


Far Eastern Federal University appearedby combining Far East State University, Far Eastern State Technical University, Pacific State Economic University and the Ussuriisk State Pedagogical Institute.


Among other local universities should be notedPacific State Medical Institute. Here prepare specialists in the field of pharmacy, clinical psychology, dentistry and pediatrics. In the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service are studying the future linguists, managers, economists and designers.


Far Eastern State Academy of Artsprepares musicians, artists and actors. Other local institutions of higher education of the city - Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, Maritime State University and the Pacific Naval Institute.


A good education can be obtained at branchesdifferent Russian universities. Vladivostok is a port city, so it requires a lot of high-class specialists of customs. Get this specialty can be in the branch of the Russian Customs Academy. Economic and legal professions can be learned in a branch of the International Institute of Economics and Law. Another non-state institution of higher education in Vladivostok - a branch of the Modern Humanitarian Academy.

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