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Where to go to study in Ufa

Where to go to study in Ufa

Ufa is the most significant city of Bashkiria, not only politically, economically and culturally. Center of Science and Education of the Republic is also located here.

Some students come to study in Ufa even from neighboring regions.



Get a classical education in the BashkirState University. This first university of the republic is one of the founders of the Association of Russian classical universities. In the ranking of classical universities of Russia occupies 39th place. The University comprises 4 institutes - Physics and Technology, Law, Management and Security business, as well as the Institute of Economics, Finance and Business.


Studying at the university can be in the Bashkirspecialists in mathematics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, philology. There is also train engineers, psychologists, sociologists and philosophers. Students at the university, not only gain knowledge, but also a good time, being engaged in various sports clubs at the university and participating in cultural events.


If you want to learn more narrow specialization,should pay close attention to other higher education institutions in Ufa. There Ufa State Aviation Technical University, which trains specialists in the metalworking, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and power. The Ufa State Oil Technical University, you can grasp the basics of petrochemical and chemical engineering, oil field equipment to study, to learn about the development and operation of oil and gas fields.


Specialists in the field of medicine preparesBashkir State Medical University. The future of farming, mechanics, energy and biotechnology will be able to explore their specialty at the Bashkir State Agrarian University. Teachers are trained in the Bashkir State Pedagogical University. Akmulla. If you want to become an officer, enters the Bashkir Academy of Public Service and Administration.

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