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Where to go to study in Arkhangelsk

Where to go to study in Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk land has given the world such a great scientist, Mikhail Lomonosov.

In those years in Arkhangelsk does not have any universities, technical schools and colleges.

Nowadays, young people of the region can grasp a variety of science in his native land.



Get a diploma Northern (Arctic)Federal University. Lomonosov. This is the largest educational institution of the Arkhangelsk region. The University was founded on the basis of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University. The structure of the University also includes Pomor State University, Arkhangelsk Forestry College, Technical College Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Currently North Federal University consists of 17 institutions (humanitarian, integrated security, oil and gas, education and psychology, natural sciences and biomedicine, as well as others).


Educate yourself in the branches of Moscow universities andSt. Petersburg. In Arkhangelsk branch of Petersburg has two universities and one of Moscow. In the branch of the State Maritime Academy students learn seamanship. Branch of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts prepares specialists in art history, museology, and library science.


All-Russian Correspondence Financial and EconomicThe Institute trains specialists in the field of economics, management, finance, marketing and tax accounting. It is also worth to mention the Northern State Medical University, which is not a branch, but was not included in the Arctic Federal University. Here prepare specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacology.


There Arkhangelsk and several non-governmentalinstitutions of higher education. International Institute of Management prepares lawyers, economists, managers, financiers. The branch of the Modern Humanitarian Academy training young professionals in the field of humanities. Another non-state institution of higher education is the Institute of Arkhangelsk new forms of learning.

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