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WHERE to go to preserve

Where to go to preserve

Successful childbearing - the main task,which stands directly in front of the woman and obstetrician-gynecologist, a leading pregnancy. If you want to go to preserve the doctor gives direction to one of the community hospitals.

At the request of a woman can go to a paid private clinic.

You will need

  • - Medical insurance polis-
  • - passport-
  • - direction-
  • - Map pregnant.



Timely register with the femaleconsultations on the place of residence should every pregnant woman. When the registration of an obstetrician-gynecologist gets the card, which inscribe the results of all examinations and tests that are regularly conducted to a pregnant woman during the entire period of gestation of the child.


If any of the tests are not indicatorsare normal and the doctor is sure that the woman should continue the pregnancy and receive appropriate treatment in the hospital, she is given a referral for hospitalization.


Under the new rules ofhealth care a woman has the right to choose their own doctor, which will be observed during the whole period of pregnancy. Also, a woman has the right to choose the hospital in which to carry out a treatment aimed at preserving the pregnancy.


In addition, a pregnant woman has an opportunitythe whole period of pregnancy occur in a private clinic and undergo in-patient treatment at the persistence of pregnancy in terms of private health institutions on a commercial basis.


With the threat of a miscarriage, call the emergencymedical care. Ambulance will take the pregnant woman to the hospital on duty. As soon as an acute threat to life and health of the woman and the unborn child has passed, the woman has the right to ask the chief physician to transfer it to one of the private clinics or in another hospital, where she plans to undergo further treatment for pregnancy maintenance.

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