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WHERE to lay down for preservation


Where to lay down to save

Successful nurturing of a child is the main task,Which stands directly in front of a woman and obstetrician-gynecologist, leading a pregnant woman. If necessary, to lie on the preservation of the doctor issues a referral to one of the municipal hospitals.

If desired, a woman can go to a paid private clinic.

You will need

  • - medical insurance policy
  • - passport-
  • - direction-
  • - The card is pregnant.



Timely registration in the women'sEvery pregnant woman should consult the place of residence. When registering, the obstetrician-gynecologist starts a map, where the results of all the examinations and analyzes that are systematically administered to the pregnant woman during the entire period of bearing of the child are entered.


If some indicators of analysis do notCorrespond to the norm and the doctor is sure that a woman needs to keep a pregnancy and receive appropriate treatment in a hospital, she is given a referral for hospitalization.


In accordance with the new rules for grantingMedical services, a woman has the right to choose her own doctor, who will be observed during the entire period of pregnancy. Also, a woman has the right to choose a hospital in which to conduct treatment aimed at maintaining pregnancy.


In addition, a pregnant woman has the opportunityThe entire duration of pregnancy is observed in a private clinic and undergo inpatient treatment for the preservation of pregnancy in a private medical institution on a commercial basis.


When a threat of miscarriage should be called urgentMedical care. An ambulance will take the pregnant woman to the duty hospital. As soon as an acute threat to the life and health of a woman and a unborn child passes, the woman has the right to ask the head doctor about transferring her to one of the private clinics or to another hospital in which she plans to undergo further treatment for the preservation of pregnancy.

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