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WHERE to go to school without exams


Where to go without exams</a>

After leaving school or a secondary special educational institution, some people try to continue their studies in other places.

To do this, they need to pass the entrance exams, or you can choose another option - admission without passing exams.



Basically, when choosing one or another educationalYou need to assess your previous knowledge without fail. Do not give preference to the institution, academy or university, if your average score on the basis of the final exams does not exceed the minimum score or fluctuates within the average.


If you plan to train on a budget(Free of charge), unfortunately, without exams you will not be taken anywhere. At present, in order to enter any educational institution, be it an institute or a school, it is necessary to pass a single state examination. An exception are only some lyceums, in which there is a shortage of students. That's why such places are accepted by students only upon application and interview.


Quite another is extrabudgetary training. An extrabudgetary is education based on a paid basis. Very many educational institutions of various levels offer a huge number of offers for training in paid offices, not only in person, but also in absentia, and even remotely. However, one must take into account that the prices for education are not small at all. That's why paid study is not affordable for everyone.


There is an opinion that the person who receivedEducation on a paid basis of training, does not possess either knowledge or skills. This opinion is erroneous. Everything depends on the learner himself and on what goals he set for himself when submitting documents to one or another educational institution. Someone goes to study only to get a diploma, and someone during the training tries to get real knowledge and skills. Similarly, it can not be asserted that the students of the budgetary department are 100% shod.

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