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Where to go to get a divorce

Where to go to divorce

Unfortunately, the couple divorce - a phenomenon quite frequent.

People delivshie together the bed of love, suddenly become strangers.

When the family boat is broken and the relationship can not be saved, the only way out in this situation, it becomes a divorce.

If the decision to divorce is accepted, it is to apply to public authorities, to execute all legally.



Refer to the civil status bodies(REGISTRY OFFICE). The procedure for divorce these bodies is faster and easier, but it is possible only in case of divorce, both spouses agree and have no minor children together. The exception to the rule is when the other spouse recognized by the court as incapable, missing or convicted of a crime to imprisonment for a term exceeding three years.


It is necessary to write an application for divorceREGISTRY authority at the place of residence of both spouses or one of them, if they live separately. Together with the application you need to provide a marriage certificate, passport and receipt confirming payment of state duty. At the end of the month it issued a divorce certificate and a passport with a note that the marriage is dissolved.


In more complex situations where one spousedoes not consent to the divorce or refuses to appear in the registry, and if there are minor children together, a statement about the divorce should be handled in court. After collecting the full package of documents, and one month after the hearing to be held, during which the issue can be resolved not only on the termination of marriage, but also questions about the place of children living with a spouse and the recovery of maintenance.


If the two sides will agree ondivorce, the court can not find out the motives of this decision and immediately take a decision on the case. But not always get a divorce so quickly. If you have any objections to the parties, the lawsuit shall be suspended and shall be appointed for a period of reconciliation within three months.


If in the end the court nevertheless decided toterminate the marriage, after its entry into force, the registrar authorities sent the decision on the basis of which will be issued the certificate of divorce. It should be noted that the judgment is always possible to appeal within 10 days after the announcement.

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