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WHERE to apply to get a divorce


Where to go to get a divorce</a>

Unfortunately, the divorce of spouses is a rather frequent phenomenon.

People who share a bed of love with each other suddenly become strangers.

When the family boat is broken and the relationship can not be saved, the only way out in this situation is precisely a divorce.

If the decision to dissolve a marriage is accepted, it remains to apply to the state authorities in order to formalize everything according to the law.



Contact the civil status records(REGISTRY OFFICE). The procedure for divorce by these authorities is quicker and simpler, but it is possible only if both spouses agree and they do not have underage children together. An exception to the rules are situations where another spouse is recognized by a court as incompetent, missing or convicted for committing a crime to imprisonment for more than three years.


You should write an application for divorce inThe registry office at the place of residence of both spouses or one of them, if they live separately. Together with the application it is necessary to provide a marriage certificate, a passport and a receipt confirming the payment of the state duty. After the expiration of a month, a divorce certificate and a passport are issued with the note that the marriage is terminated.


In more complex situations, when one of the spousesDoes not consent to divorce or evades appearance in the registry office, and also if there are juvenile joint children, the application for divorce should be addressed to the court. After the collection of the full package of documents and after one month, a court session should be held, during which it is possible to resolve the issue not only about ending the marriage, but also about the place of residence of children and recovery of alimony from the spouse.


In the event that both parties agree toDivorce, the court may not clarify the reasons for this decision and immediately adopt a resolution on the case. But divorce does not always happen so quickly. If there is an objection by any party, the court case is suspended and a period for reconciliation is fixed for three months.


If in the end the court finally made a decisionTo terminate marriage relations, then after its entry into legal force, a decision is sent to the registrar's offices, on the basis of which a certificate of divorce will be received. It should be noted that the court decision can always be appealed within 10 days after the announcement.

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