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Where to go to advertise the sale

To submit an advertisement for the sale of

One of the most convenient options to sell an unnecessary thing, are still ads.

Now there are many ways to place an ad for the sale of both free of charge, and for the money.



Perhaps the most familiar and traditional placefeed ads are specialized newspapers. As a rule, they offer accommodation individuals classified ads free of charge. To file such a declaration, or you can use the coupon that is printed in the newspaper, or simply dictate to him on the phone, stating contact details. However, note that the number of ads that can be applied to a single number is limited. In addition, you can select a color or an ad frame, but at an additional cost.


The second option is gainingpopularity - ad sites on the internet. It may be similar to newspapers, bulletin boards, specialized sites, thematic forums. In most cases, to supply ads to the site need to register, email address and contact details. Most sites offer additional services for a fee. This could be the allocation of color ads, the advertising link to it, increasing the places in the list of issue on a particular request.


Several expensive, but very effective way- An ad running line. Despite the relatively high cost from 30 to 100 rubles per word per day, this option usually pays off if you want to sell something as quickly as possible. Post Free Ads by phone, online or in the office of the advertising company.


Finally, you can use the printer orfelt-tip pen, print several ads, and to paste them around the house and work. Unfortunately, the places for the free of sticking these ads remains very little, and in most cases, for the opportunity to advertise have to pay. Information poles, stop advertising panels at entrances of homes - all these places have their owners, who are willing to give you the opportunity to place your ad for the money. However, no one had occupied the area can still be found, but the time and effort may be inappropriate.

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