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WHERE to go for a drive on wedding


Where to go for a drive on wedding</a>

There is an old good tradition - after the registry officeThe newlyweds go for a walk. In the full complement of guests with a wedding cortege behind them or a small company with a friend and girlfriend of the bride and groom, but modern youth try to not break this tradition.

Where do the newlyweds usually go to go to the wedding?



Visit the sights of your city orThe village that loves to visit all the newlyweds of your locality. These are monuments to famous people, sculptural or architectural monuments, bridges or other places where lovers usually fix their love by hanging a lock and throwing the keys from it into the water.


Order in advance skating on a yacht, river tram,Boat on the waterway of your city. It will be beautiful and romantic if you take rose petals with you and throw them into the water. Rolling on the water, do not forget to capture a pleasant pastime on the video camera or take pictures.


Release for a walk in the park of butterflies orPigeons in the sky. Such services are provided by the celebration agencies, private individuals. Organize old Russian entertainment on a wedding walk. You can ride in winter on a sleigh, in summer in a carriage or riding horses.


Think of people who took a good andImportant participation in your life, for example, your teachers, educators, your friends, neighbors who could not attend the wedding. Make a visit to such people, visit your places of study, work.


Go to nature outside the city. Walking around the field with daisies and other meadow flowers, and in winter with skating on a snow slide, walking on a snowy forest, it can be great to inspire the newlyweds.


Perhaps in your city there are ancient castles,Estates, mansions, chapels, temples, mystical structures. Visit such places, be sure to take a picture on their background. Your photos will be with an amazing combination, thanks to the old architecture and modernly dressed young people.

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