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Where to go riding on the wedding

Where to go riding on the wedding

There is a good old tradition - after the registrar's officethe couple go for a walk. The full complement of guests from the wedding procession, or for a small company with a friend and the friend of the bride and groom, but a similar tradition of modern youth trying not to break.

Where usually go skating at the wedding the bride and groom?



Visit the sights of your city orvillage, who love to go to all the newlyweds in your area. These are monuments to famous people, sculptural or architectural monuments, bridges, or other places where the lovers usually fix their love hanging lock and throw away the key from him into the water.


Book in advance yachting, waterbus,boat on the waterway in your city. It will be beautiful and romantic, if you bring your rose petals and become throw them into the water. Riding on the water, do not forget to capture a good time with a video camera or photographed.


Release for a walk in the park or butterfliesdoves into the sky. Such services are provided by the agency for the holidays, individuals. Organize old Russian entertainment at the wedding walk. You can take a ride on a sled in the winter, in the summer in a carriage or on horseback.


Think about the people who took the good andan important part in your life, such as your teachers, educators, your friends, neighbors, who could not attend the wedding. Paid a visit to these people visit your place of study, work.


Merge to the nature of the city. Walk across the field with daisies and other meadow flowers, and in winter with skiing on the snowy hills, walking on snow-covered forest, can greatly inspire the newlyweds.


Perhaps in your city has castles,estates, mansions, chapels, temples, mystical structure. Visit these places, be sure to be photographed in their background. Your photos will be a surprising combination, thanks to ancient architectural structures and modernly dressed young people.

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