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Writing for undergraduate practice report

Pre-diploma practice is one of the key elements in the whole process of the final stage of training in an educational institution.

By the choice of the place of passage externship is approached with great responsibility, because it is chosen by the company plays an important role in the writing of undergraduate on the practice report.

The value of the place where the student takes practice

The value of the selected companies as a place of passage of practice for the following reasons:
- The passage of externship givesstudent the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge. Carrying out tasks of low complexity level, in practice, there is a student an idea of ​​the enterprise as a whole.
- Trainee is able to get an offer of employment from the company, which has passed the pre-diploma practice.
- Choose place externshipIt determines the success of the upcoming protection thesis. It is believed to work by undergraduate student writing a report - preparation for writing the thesis.
In those cases, when the topic of the thesisknown in advance, the student can begin collecting the necessary information for inclusion in the work already in the process of passing the pre-diploma practice. Also an internship helps students in cases where the topic of the thesis is revealed by the example of the enterprise where the practice is passed.
Choosing a place of passage externship,student must also take into account the possibility of enterprise documents it needs to write a report about an internship.
The ability of the enterprise to the studentnecessary information and documents, should be clarified in advance. These documents include: the company's financial statements (certified copies of the profit and loss account for the last 3 years, a copy of the balance sheet for the past 3 years of activity of the enterprise). The exact list of the company financial documents necessary to check with the scientific adviser.
In most cases, during the writing of the thesis, as well as for inclusion in the program, students are required foundation documents of the company, such as the charter of the enterprise.
Depending on the subject matter,specialty, qualifications and the program assigns practice, the student may also be required internal documents: the situation, the collective agreement, the company official instructions.

The procedure for admission of students to practice

Since the passage of undergraduate studentPractice is one of the final tests of learning, it is necessary to listen to all the recommendations of the supervisor for undergraduate practice, asking him all the questions.
The procedure for admission of students to externshipthe practice of labor legislation is not regulated, but the enterprise itself and the institution of mandatory design their relationship in the form of a contract. Thus, the majority of Russian universities enter into a contract with the organizations, under the conditions of space for student practice.
In the conditions of such an agreement the organization subscribestake to the practice and to provide the necessary practical knowledge to the student, to create the necessary conditions for the passage of pre-diploma practice, to ensure its workplace.
For companies also engage in their worktrainees is advantageous in that, as a rule, students commit simple but routine functions. Thus, the company saves time, frees himself from the current hassle and can concentrate on their core tasks.
Another reason for which the enterpriseagree to cooperate with universities, is that the work of students in their departments and divisions of low-paid. cases where wages trainees also meet during the passage of pre-diploma practice is not provided.
Considering the particular passageexternship, it should be noted that there are cases when companies draw up a relationship with intern, concluding fixed-term employment contract is administered in individual table positions, respectively, overcharging their salaries. In this case, the student has the right to enterprise and the employee receives a salary in full.
Therefore, those universities that have signed contracts with companies in advance to have the opportunity to offer its students passage of externship options to choose from.
Options are often listorganizations, where available Summary: name of organization, type of activity, legal / real address, contact phone numbers and contact persons.
Student, studying information about the potential of the company, makes his choice, and then receives a direction for practice. During the passage of externship student keeps a diary.
In cases where the educational institutioninsists on independent choice of the student's place of passage of externship, is to study the information about them from public sources. These sources can be directories with a list of companies that meet profilyu- sites on the Internet also contain contact details. The student is also worth exploring the media (newspapers, magazines), internet websites on employment, on which employers are placing the call for trainees to practice.
It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the positions of interns must meet the requirements of the program and practice their specialty.
Then opt for a certainthe company should call the specified phone number. It is recommended to call the company's human resources department, as it is the need for the candidates. Imagine you need to find out with whom you can discuss the practical training in the company. When you connect with the required official (it can be as directly plant manager and HR manager, secretary) should briefly explain the questions.
The company will appoint a meeting at whichIt provides the necessary information to interested students and talk about the upcoming duties. It is necessary to negotiate with the company the time required, functions, and to clarify the possibility of providing the necessary documents: common constituent, background and financial information companies.
It must be remembered that the passage of faithful practice determines the subsequent employment of the potential student.

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