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Where to go on vacation in November

Where to go on vacation in November

November weather spoils in Russia rarely: in the European part of the windy and slushy, east of the Urals - the winter.

Meanwhile, it was in November, the Russians are waiting for holidays and vacations, but because it makes sense to think about the journey this time.



The first is to visit the SoutheastAsia. In November, just start the beach season, and this abundance of colors, the sun, and various types of entertainment. Phuket Resorts for lazy pastime at the beach, Pattaya for those who love adventure.


The beauty of Thailand in November that thistime decreases the flow of tourists, the sun bakes not as deadly as in August and September, and from the sea blows a gentle breeze. These factors make it possible to walk to numerous attractions of the country. Ayutthaya - the temple in which mixed Khmer and Thai-style architecture, is one of the few attractions of Thailand, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Grand Palace is located in Bangkok. Signed a monument of architecture of Thailand, as well as the residence of the Thai monk.


Look to Vietnam resorts. In addition to relaxing in the sun, many interesting places to visit in this time of year and not to suffer under the scorching sun. For example, "Perfume Pagoda" in Vietnam - a place of pilgrimage for believers from around the world, is located in a huge cave in the rocks to get to it you need to swim 4 kilometers by boat.


Latin America is good, perhaps, at any timeyear, so you can safely go here in November. Rio de Janeiro, one of the most amazing cities in the world: plenty of sun, beaches, green mountains. samba sounds not subside ever. Nightlife boils full - bars, restaurants, nightclubs. The main symbol of the city is the statue of Jesus Christ on Mount Corcovado. Take a walk to the waterfall and Igasau. Three rivers meet at the border of three countries - Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, forming cascades of water. Burla, mixed, they form something magical, especially on sunny days, when, due to splashing on the surface of the water formed a rainbow.


Amazonia. Nature in the Amazon jungle is amazing and unique. Water lilies with leaf size meter eighty, 10 of the 20 longest rivers in the world, the pink dolphin, fish-bull, piranhas - all this can be found only here.


Machu Picchu. Remains of an ancient city in what is now Peru. It is assumed that Machu Picchu was built as a temple of the ancient Incas. An architectural masterpiece, lost in the mountains.


Beautiful weather for travel costs in NovemberEurope, the heat, but not so hot, perfect for sightseeing, and they are many in Europe. The Colosseum in Rome - one of the most famous and oldest amphitheater in the world. The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Perhaps everyone would like to see her live, as they say: "See Paris and die." Pisa - the famous Leaning Tower. Temple of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona - a huge and magnificent temple will amaze you.


Visit and Albion. It is worth to see Stonehenge. So what arguments, and how these huge blocks of stones has been conducted it is located there. Rumor has it that he has some sort of supernatural power. Ferris wheel in London, until recently, was the largest ferris wheel in the world!

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