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Where to go on Saturday

Where to go on Saturday

These weekend begins on Saturday.

After five days of hard work most people just need a change of scenery and a good rest before starting a new work week.



If Saturday a warm clear weather, betterjust go for a walk in the nearby park, you can uncover the iron horse and ride along the paths on a bicycle. If you are going to the park a large company, bring your equipment for outdoor games such as badminton, and something to eat, as the appetite in the fresh air is almost always played out in earnest.


Weather rainy and cool? Go to the cinema, certainly in theaters for a long time already goes some particularly interesting film you. Or you can sit in a pleasant restaurant, read a favorite book, consider passersby outside, try some new interesting dish.


Do you like the theater? Saturday - a perfect time to go to the show, it is advisable only to get tickets in advance, theaters recent years experiencing a recovery, sometimes the most interesting performances of all the tickets sold out a few weeks before the performance.


On Saturday morning you can go to anyMuseum. If you do not mind a lot of people, you can go to a museum or an exhibition in the afternoon or even evening. Almost always, you can find interesting for themselves temporary or permanent exhibition, which can be viewed alone or with friends.


You want to have fun in a noisy company? Billiards and bowling will come to the rescue. Billiards is good for companies who prefer intellectual recreation and bowling - for those who want to stretch your muscles. To increase interest in the game, you can assign some fun prizes.


Saturday evening is designed for a hike in the club ordisco where you can dance, enjoy a cocktail and meet new interesting people. And fans of the loud singing and fun just have to look at the karaoke bar, in order to fulfill in good company a few of your favorite songs.

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