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WHERE to go on Monday


Where to go on Monday</a>

On Monday after a working day, you sometimes want to spend some interesting time, fortunately in any city there are lots of places where you can unwind from theaters to rollerdromes.

That's just fans of traditional museum leisure will remain out of work, as most of the museums do not work just on Mondays.



On the first day of the week, you can take a walk inCinema, due to the fact that the rental week begins in Russia on Thursday, the main stream of spectators falls on the weekend, and on Monday you can already buy tickets without any problems for the desired session. This is especially true for large companies that want to sit next to each other.


On Monday, you can go to your favorite cafe, bar or restaurant. Try a new interesting dish after a hard day's work, drink a cup of coffee.


At the beginning of the week, you can do some kind ofSports, go to bowling or billiards. Play with friends or family. You can look into the amusement parks that are in all the big shopping centers, and enjoy spending time there.


For some reason, very often at the beginning of the weekSo-called blitz-dates, where you can start a few new acquaintances. The bottom line is that men and women communicate for five to seven minutes, changing the partner at specified intervals, if the interviewee liked you, you can mark him or her in a special card. After the completion of a blitz meeting, the organizers collect such cards and, if suddenly, you have a mutual liking, send contacts to you and the person you like by e-mail.


If the street is warm, you can walk in the parkOr take a photo studio, hire a photographer, call friends and arrange a themed photo session. To such events it is necessary to prepare in advance, to think over a general plot, costumes, make-up ... Photos obtained during such events can become real masterpieces that can be kept for memory or boast in social networks.


By the way, instead of a photo shoot, you can shoot some small video, many special programs allow now quite professionally to mount and process video, adding special effects.

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