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Where to go on honeymoon


Honeymoon - one of the most memorable events in the life of any couple, and often the choice of location is becoming quite painful for a honeymoon.

Decide Suite preferences and decide which will be the place.



City Lovers - Paris. Small cozy coffee houses to Charles Aznavour from all speakers, kisses on the Eiffel Tower and walk on a boat on the waters of the Seine - Paris creates a romantic mood in any weather and at any time of the year. Here you can go out and buy armfuls of spring tulips on the Champs Elysees, in the summer, you can lie on the green grass in any of the palace, in the autumn to wander the streets and have roasted chestnuts and mulled wine in the winter drink and watch the snowflakes are flying over the Paris rooftops.

For a honeymoon in Paris do not necessarily shoot in a hotel room, renting apartments is developed in which your privacy just will not get in the way.


Thailand, Koh Samui - one of the main resortscountries with clear blue waters and warm sun. Numerous hotels of varying degrees star located right on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand and from Bangkok to Koh Samui fly planes elite Bangkok Airways.

Here, not only a good honeymoon,but also the wedding ceremony, which can be organized in the European or traditional Thai style. The latter is carried out with the blessing of Buddhist monks in traditional Thai wedding dresses.


If the noisy and crowded wedding at homeyou have only one desire - to retire and stay in silence, the Maldives - the best option for travel. As a rule, the Maldives one hotel occupies an entire atoll island, so you will be almost no neighbors. Turquoise crystal clear sea, fine coral sand is white and coconut trees - is all that is around you.



Venice as a place for honeymoonis selected not just romantic nature, but also to a certain extent adventurous. After around channels, masks, sometimes grim history of the Middle Ages and the misty sea around the city. In Venice is better to go in the warmer months, but even gloomy and rainy, this city will make you feel not only the bride and groom, and characters from the movie about love.


Santorini (Greece) - one of the mostpopular destinations honeymoon. The combination of blue and white in perfect harmony with the peaceful mood of a young couple, and in addition, a kind of Santorini for a photo shoot in the style of a love story and a wedding ceremony outdoors.


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