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Where to go on holiday with the baby

Where to go on holiday with the baby

New Year away from home - a great option to truly relax and not think about the daily activities and concerns.

But do not forget that New Year holidays should be memorable not only for adults but also for children.

You will need

  • - Acting zagranpasport-
  • - viza-
  • - putevka-
  • - Money.



Create real fairy tale for your child easierall at Disneyland, because it is about this place dreaming most of the kids. Walt Disney World is undoubtedly conquer not only the youngest guests and their parents. Meetings with your favorite fairy-tale characters, great rides, fireworks and fireworks, Santa Claus and his team with real reindeer - all this will give you an unforgettable experience. In addition to the French capital from Disneyland is only 40 minutes away.


If you do not have passports or not you wantleaving Russia, you can go home of Santa Claus - Great Ustyug, where children will feel a part of something magical and fairy tale will come true in the holidays. The rich entertainment program will not let you get bored for a moment: you will be able to visit the residence of Santa Claus, to participate in various competitions with prizes, ride reindeer and visit the museum of Christmas toys.


At a meeting with Santa Claus, you can go andLapladniyu. Snow-covered houses, endless fields, the aurora borealis, local cuisine and colorful trees - all this will fill your holiday with unforgettable moments. And for the most daring in Lapland there is a unique hotel built of ice.


Beautiful Christmas trees for children are inthe capital of Russia and St. Petersburg. Kremlin holidays are famous for its scope and beauty, and guests of the northern capital are waiting for children's parties in this palace, where your child will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of old times and something unusual. Parents will appreciate the beautiful illumination of streets and smartly decorated shopping malls, and many museums in the New Year's holiday work at a reduced price or even free of charge.


Lots of fun for the little ones can be foundand in European capitals: Stockholm or Vilnius. In the capital of Sweden, the children probably will like a great zoo open-air museum or the famous Astrid Lindgren. On the streets of Lithuania can meet a variety of fairytale characters, festive masquerade parties and marches, as well as visit the many Christmas markets.

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