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Where to go on the Christmas tree

Where to go on the Christmas tree

New Year - the most favorite holiday of all children.

After all, on this day a child can see Grandpa Frost and the Snow Maiden, and also get a mountain of gifts.

The main thing to choose the most ideal for a fun and exciting New Year.



If you live in Moscow, then for your childrenthe best options will be "Alice's House" and "CSOs - city". "House" is remarkable in that it created a cozy home environment, and the program is carried out individually for each age. In "Alice's House" lead children from three years. In the "CSO-city" bring children from 1.5 years. Here, children are an interactive presentation, and at the end of the show each child to give a memorable gift.


For residents of St. Petersburg best Christmaspresentation will be in DC "Vyborg" and "Ice Palace". Fabulous show in DC "Vyborg" is divided into two parts: the first - the game fun and prochee- second - a fantastic performance in which all the children participate. And in DC "Ice Palace" - entertainment begins 40 minutes before the official start, they include various competitions and contests.


Well, if you live in Belarus, the bestin some places will be celebrating the New Year, "Palace of the Republic," "Officers" and entertainment center "Cosmo." Holiday in the "Palace" takes place in two stages: in the first - predstavlenie- children look at the second stage - a small disco. The main difference from the rest of DC "Officers" - a holding soap bubbles show, besides all children will appreciate the appearance of cartoon characters such as Sponge Bob. Entertainment center "Cosmo" - New Year's meeting is taking place in the same way as in many places - in two stages. In the first phase - presentation, while the second - the passage of mazes and special disco.


For interesting programs are held in Yekaterinburgin the "House of the actor" and the museum "House Metenkov". All the action in the "House of Actors" begin with a meeting with the footman after children carried through all the rooms, they are involved in the preparation of sweets, photo shoots and at the end of the program show their skills, for which he received a gift from Santa Claus. A photographic museum "House Metenkov" are changed all sorts of quests, adventures, puzzles and puzzles. And then there is a picnic under a tree with tea and sweets. At the end of the celebration of the children receive gifts.

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