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WHERE to go in the evening to have a rest


Where to go in the evening to relax</a>

Relaxation in the evening is a great help to distract from everyday worries, and also spend time in a romantic atmosphere with your loved one.

Currently, in most Russian cities, you can find a wide variety of leisure activities.



Go to a session in the cinema, choosing a movie byYour taste. If you go to the movies with your soul mate, you can stop on a romantic melodrama or a light comedy. A male company will be interested to watch an exciting action movie or anything from the fantasy genre. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to spend an evening.


Visit the restaurant or cafe. This way of rest is suitable for lovers and couples. Book a table in advance, choosing the most comfortable place. Read the menu and pre-select dishes to your liking, in order not to be distracted further. So you can spend an evening in a quiet and romantic atmosphere, slowly conversing with your loved one and enjoying the taste of professionally prepared dishes and excellent service.


Go to a nightclub if you likeLoud fun and rest, full of pleasant surprises. This kind of pastime is also suitable for those who have not yet got a pair, because one of the goals of visiting nightclubs is to get acquainted with the opposite sex. You can dance well and listen to modern music, relax in the company of people close to you and take part in incendiary competitions.


Take a walk around the city, if weather permits. Visit with your favorite person the most picturesque places: the park, the square, the embankment, etc. Pay special attention to those places with which you have pleasant memories. You will have a good time communicating with a person close to you and enjoying the fresh air.


Go to the theater, the exhibition or the museum. Getting acquainted with the latest trends in the field of art is a very interesting activity, and even if before that you were not interested in such a way of pastime, perhaps it was time to try it and join the beautiful. Your second half also have to like the desire to get acquainted with one of the forms of creativity.

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