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Where to go in Mytishchi

Where to go in Mytishchi

Residents of Yaroslavl direction does not need every time to come to Moscow to take a walk and relax.

All public entertainment for children and adults, there is also the largest city in this direction - Mytishchi.

The main advantage of such holidays is relatively free roads on weekends (compared to Moscow) and, of course, lower prices.



When the soul asks wonderful, go to the theater. Yes, the Mytishchi has a temple of Melpomene - Drama and comedy "Fest". In the theater there are performances not only for adults but also children's performances on weekends. The level of performances, the acting is not inferior to the capital's theaters.


If you prefer all the arts cinema,Mytishchi is where to see the world's masterpieces, and just relax. As many as six cinemas show movies every day, and one of them works in 5D (str. Selezneva, d.33) format.


And here is the famous water sports in the "Kwa-KwaPark "is best to visit on weekdays - weekend there is a lot of visitors. You can buy tickets in advance, and this can be a ticket to a few hours, and the ticket for the day. In the evenings, on weekends there is a disco for young people. So if you plan to relax with their children, it is better to do it in the morning.


For relaxation, a large company or a friendly workingteam, select your active vacation. At any time, you are waiting for paintball clubs. This is not surprising, because the city is surrounded by a wooded area, where a lot of suburban resorts and holiday destinations.


Prefer a truly luxurious vacation -then you the road to the Klyazma Reservoir. Here are focusing most famous yacht clubs - "Pestovo" "Trinity," "Pirogovo" - more than 10 different holiday destinations with their own moorings, hotels, restaurants and other entertainment. In order to rest it is not necessary to have your own boat, you can rent the yacht club. Like any sports equipment for water sports. Places in the hotel and all the extras are always booked well in advance, in the season of navigation on the reservoir are often held various competitions.


For those who want a relaxing holiday in thewater exists in Mytishchi and the relaxed version of the weekend - at the lake. Yaroslavl area is famous for its water, so there are many fishing clubs and bases. In the specialized field of fishing you will be offered all the necessary equipment for hire - fishing rods, boats, bait. After a successful fishing you can cook the fish on the fire in a special guesthouse or on the grill, or to entrust this activity to the cook in the restaurant, such as ponds "Rupasova".

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