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Where to go in Moscow on the day of birth


Birthday - a personal holiday, which is always worth mentioning somehow especially.

To succeed, you need to plan a holiday, find out all the details and to book the selected location or buy tickets.



Active, bright festival will be enjoyedyoung people, full of energy. A great way to feel like a child, have some fun, to relax from the rigors of adult life - a hike to the water park a big company. On the territory of water parks usually have not only slides and pools, but also a sauna, jacuzzi, bars and spas. In some of the water parks of the capital, you can book a room for a great party.


Zorbing Centre in Krylatskoye - trivialoption to note a personal holiday. Zorbing - a prime attraction, the person in a huge transparent ball is rolled with mounds or mountains. Of course, zorbing the best fit for the summer or early autumn, but in any case this fun ride will leave a good memory. And you can continue celebrating art in one of the cafes or clubs in Moscow. For example, you can rent the restaurant on the rails "Annushka", the tram with interesting content (23 seats, a bar, an excellent menu) runs through Moscow, from Chistye Prudy to the University.


Lovers of quiet entertainment can look tolarge entertainment venues, which are so many in the capital. Here you can play on the slot machines, and can be bowling, billiards or air hockey. This is almost always near the center of such a network has a cozy restaurant where a birthday, you can get an impressive discount on all the menus, most importantly, do not forget to bring your passport or any other document.


Connoisseurs of fine arts in his birthdaycan go to the concert of the symphony orchestra, favorite musician, to dramatic performance, as can be to the opera or the ballet. In this case it is best to buy tickets, or arrange reservations in advance to be able to select the best location that is certainly important birthday.

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