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Where to go in holidays with children in Moscow

Moscow Zoo

The problem of children's entertainment is found in many cities, but certainly not in Moscow.

The capital of our country offers a huge variety of options for a family vacation, especially they varied during the holidays.



Moscow Zoo - the best place for a strolleven the youngest children. It is very large, so do not try to get around the whole territory of the same day. For very young children there is a "Children's Zoo", besides there is a sightseeing tour of it on a small small train. Outside the "Children's Zoo" children especially interesting house monkeys and Exotarium, which is inhabited by beautiful animals and fish come from the tropics. Older children may be interested in Pony Club and a circle of young biologists. In addition, when the zoo has a wonderful children's theatrical group "Tick-Tock".


On the territory of the zoo is the OldDolphinarium, it is located far away from the bird house. Actors are dolphinarium dolphins, sea lions, polar whales, seals and walruses. Performances are short-lived (about an hour), they are designed for young children. All hope person after the presentation can be photographed with the dolphins.


Another good place in the capital,invented specifically for kids - Animal Theater VL Durov. Performances in the theater go on several stages: Big, where the performances of elephants, horses, hippos, chimpanzees, parrots, poodles and clowns, and Small, which are performances for children (from two to six years), here the children sit in the front ranks, and their parents behind. You can look at the cats, foxes, ferrets, crows, ponies, bears and porcupines. At Theatre of animals there is a small museum, you can look here before a performance and meet the artists of the theater and its history.


Theatre Kuklacheva like children who lovecats. Cats here - the main characters. They do acrobatic tricks that cause emotion in adults and children delight. One-act miniatures may alternate with small performances of clowns.

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