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WHERE will apply if you do not pay child support


Where to go if you do not pay child support</a>

In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, alimony must be paid systematically according to a voluntary agreement executed between the spouses, or by court order on the basis of the writ of execution.

If the alimony does not arrive at your account, contact the bailiff service.

You will need

  • - application-
  • - performance list-
  • - the court's decision-
  • - voluntary notarial agreement.



If you receive child support based onVoluntary agreement, payments must be received at the frequency specified in the agreement notarized by the notary. Often, the former spouses agree on quarterly payments. The amount and terms should be indicated in a separate paragraph in the document.


According to the court decision, alimony can be paid fromSalary or other income of the defendant. In any case, the whole amount should come to your account on strictly defined days. With no payments, you have the right to apply to the bailiff service with a statement.


Notify the respondent that the next amountAlimony did not arrive at your expense. Perhaps you will manage to settle everything through peaceful negotiations. If they do not lead to anything, then more serious measures can be taken to enforce them.


When drawing up a voluntary agreement on paymentAlimony, a document drawn up by a notary is equal to the writ of execution, under which payment of alimony is mandatory. Any circumstances that arose with the defendant can not affect the order of transfers specified in the voluntary agreement.


Accordingly, alimony must be paidRegardless of any circumstances that entailed late payments. The bailiff service has the right to collect alimony and the entire amount of overdue debt forcibly by applying effective measures that do not contradict the laws of the Russian Federation.

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