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WHERE to turn if the roof is flowing


Where to go if the roof is flowing</a>

Depreciation of the roof of apartment buildings is an inevitable phenomenon that the municipal services must deal with, carrying out timely repairs.

Where to apply to the residents of the upper floors, if the roof still leaked, and the property of the residents was damaged?



Contact the utilities or the management company,Service house. Apply for an accident by phone and expect a locksmith or plumber to visit. It is recommended to remove the damage caused by leakage on the video and take photos. In the future, these materials can help to obtain compensation for material damage from public utilities.


The mechanic, who came on call,Leaking, but will not take any measures to eliminate it. In order to achieve repair of the roof, it is necessary to file an application of the established model in the name of the head of the district housing and utilities. The document is made in two copies, one of which remains on the hands of the affected residents. Both copies must be signed by the employee who accepted the application.


Some time after the application was submittedAn apartment should be visited by a commission of several public service employees. Members of the commission confirm the fact of leakage, assess the damage caused to the owners and constitute an act on the presence of damage. Unlike the defective sheet, the certificate of damage does not describe the amount of material damage. In the act, only the nature of damage to property is recorded, as well as the possible cause of the accident. As independent witnesses, you can attract neighbors on the landing. Before you sign the document, carefully study it. If you are not satisfied with the description of the damage caused, you have the right not to sign the act until the commission adds it with the missing details. Remember that the second copy of the signed document remains with the apartment owner.


Most often after the conclusion of the commission of the roofAre restored, and to tenants compensate a material damage, according to the defective sheet. If all attempts to eliminate the cause and consequences of the accident through higher authorities were unsuccessful, and the roof was not repaired, the apartment owner has the right to apply to the court. For a lawsuit you will need all acts and applications addressed to public service employees, commission conclusions, documents on the assessment of material damage, as well as photographic materials and video materials proving the leakage and allowing the fullest estimate of the extent of the damaged property.

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