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Where to go with a year-old child

Where to go with a year-old child

After a prolonged pregnancy and the first months of baby's life, full of worries and sleepless nights, a young mother begins to think about the full holiday by the sea.

But once a decision is made the trip, there is a lot of questions: where better to go with godovasikom?



European Mediterranean. This could include the coast of France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. All of these countries offer a civilized rest, lots of sightseeing, shopping. Unfortunately, on a trip to the year-old child enjoy the view attractions and shopping trips will not work, because the limit of patience baby is 20-25 minutes. It is also a disadvantage in such a trip brings food. If the family is staying at the hotel on the basis of one-time supply, you have to go to a cafe or restaurant, but there may not be a child seat, and wait for cooking baby will not. If you plan to remove the apartment, an apartment or villa and cook for themselves, the problem is removed. In these countries, you can buy any food for the children, and its quality will meet the highest standards. Another subtle point that should be taken into account when planning a vacation with a baby - the presence of entertainment. Full children's animation with competitions and dancing kiddies year-old is not needed, but the availability of safe playgrounds is highly desirable, than can not boast of all hotels, because vacation in France, Spain or Italy is focused primarily on adults.


Southeast Asia. Ride with a year-old child in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia tiring. In this category can be attributed to India. The child is difficult to endure long hours of flight, and often also dock at an intermediate airport. And even at this stage of the journey there is a question about nutrition. Even in hotels focused on the Europeans, the food in the countries of Southeast Asia are very distinctive. It is an acute, rather salty, it does not provide the classic soups and broths. Many exotic fruit can cause allergic reactions, because the child's body is not prepared for such food. Also young mothers who dream vacation with a year-old child abroad should be remembered that in the East rather strange to us ideas about treatment. So, on the island of Hainan, for example, instead of a hospital patient can get lucky at the center of the Chinese traditional medicine, where everyone is treated with incense and the root of ginseng. It is clear that in the case of a child have to take medication for any occasion, but there is risk of injury and need the help of a real doctor. Many mothers, of course, travel to Southeast Asia with the children, but before this trip you need to think, and whether it will be a joy?


Turkey. As much as it may sound corny, for godovasikov best country - Turkey. Firstly, the food in the hotel, as a rule, almost day and night, so at any time, when the baby is hungry, it is possible to feed or water. Secondly, in all resort towns, there are good grounds, children's pools. Some hotels specialize in family vacation, and play areas can be compared to an amusement park. Thirdly, the development of children's animation, you can hire a Russian-speaking nanny - for a long time, or an hour or two. And finally, the climate is milder than in Egypt, which is comparable with Turkey on the level of prices and the safety and service in line with European.

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