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WHERE to go with a one-year-old child


Where to go with a one-year-old child</a>

After a long pregnancy and the first months of a baby's life, full of excitement and sleepless nights, a young mother begins to think about a full rest on the beach.

But as soon as the decision on the trip is accepted, a lot of questions arise: where is it better to go with a yearling?



European Mediterranean. This includes the coast of France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. All these countries offer civilized rest, a lot of excursions, shopping. Unfortunately, on a trip with a one-year-old child to enjoy the sightseeing and shopping trips will not work, because the limit of the child's patience is 20-25 minutes. Also some inconvenience in such a trip delivers food. If the family is going to live in a hotel on the basis of one-time meals, you will have to visit cafes or restaurants, and there may not be a child seat, and the child will not wait for cooking. If you plan to rent an apartment, apartment or villa and prepare yourself, the problem is removed. In these countries, you can buy any food for children, and its quality will meet the highest standards. Another subtle point that should be taken into account when planning a holiday with a small child is the presence of entertainment. A full-fledged children's animation with contests and dances to one-year-old children is not needed, but the availability of safe playgrounds is highly desirable, which not all hotels can boast, because holidays in France, Spain or Italy are focused primarily on adults.


Southeast Asia. To go with a one-year-old child to Thailand, to Vietnam, to Malaysia or Indonesia is tedious. This category can be attributed to India. It's hard for a child to endure a long flight, and often even a dock at an intermediate airport. And already at this stage of the journey there is the question of nutrition. Even in hotels targeting Europeans, food in the countries of South-East Asia is very distinctive. It is sharp, fairly salty, it does not provide for classic soups and broths. Many exotic fruits can cause allergic reactions, because the baby's body is not prepared for such food. Also, young mothers who dream of resting with a one-year-old child abroad should remember that in the east we have quite strange ideas about treatment. So, on the island of Hainan, for example, instead of a hospital patient can be taken to the center of Chinese traditional medicine, where everything is treated with incense and the root of ginseng. It is clear that in the case of the child will have to bring along medicines for all occasions, but in fact there is a possibility of getting injured and the help of a real doctor will be required. Many mothers, of course, go to Southeast Asia with their children, but before such a trip, you need to think, but will it be fun?


Turkey. No matter how it may sound banal, for the yearlings the best country is Turkey. First, food in hotels, as a rule, almost around the clock, so at any time, when the baby is hungry, you can feed him or give him drink. Secondly, in all resort towns there are good grounds, children's pools. Some hotels specialize in family vacations, and their play areas can be compared to amusement parks. Thirdly, children's animation is developed, it is possible to hire a Russian-speaking nanny - for a long time or for an hour or two. And, finally, the climate here is softer than in Egypt, which is comparable to Turkey in terms of price level, and security and service corresponds to the European one.

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