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WHERE to go from Moscow by car


Where to go from Moscow by car</a>

In the suburbs there are many places and cities, for walksWhich can last a couple of days, and the impressions will last a lifetime. If you have a free weekend and want to make a real car race, choose an interesting route, for example Novoryazanskoye highway.

On this road there are many ancient cities, unique churches and museums, and simply beautiful places.



Start your journey from the capital toNovoryazanskoye highway with a visit to Kolomna. Kolomna Kremlin took the leading place during the voting of the project "Russia 10". Go and see for yourself that this victory is well deserved. Kolomna Kremlin is not only huge walls and towers. This is a whole complex with preserved ancient streets, monasteries and temples, museums and temporary stylization. Visiting the Kremlin will be very interesting for children, on weekends, many small museums and exhibition halls hold master classes and performances designed specifically for children. Particularly interesting and fun here are the holidays - Christmas, Christmas, Shrovetide.


Visit the cathedrals and temples that haveHistorical significance for the whole of Russia. Rises above Kolomna Uspensky cathedral - the most important place of all Orthodox holidays in the city. Once there was kept the miraculous icon of the Don Mother of God, which more than once rescued Russia from the raids of enemies and invaders. Now this image is kept in the Tretyakov Gallery. Go to the elegant Trinity Church, past which it is impossible to pass - so interesting is its painting and decorations. Listen to the bells ringing the Novo-Golutvin monastery. And be sure to take a walk before dark to see the evening Kremlin in the lights and illuminations.


Walk up the Kolomna Kremlin, golet's hit the road. After 30 kilometers along the highway on your way will be the city of Zaraysk, in which also preserved its Kremlin. But unlike Kolomna, it is preserved completely, even if it's a little dilapidated. There are also two very interesting churches in which you can find old icons. Near the Zaraisk is the city of Lukhovitsa, in which tourism has been developing actively lately. And attract tourists ... cucumbers! It is this vegetable that glorified the city. And here it is not only grown and sold. In Lukhovitsy there is a cucumber museum, and even a monument. In the city you can spend the night and have supper, here there are gifts and good restaurant service.


Having rested, go on. You are waiting for the Ryazan region, which is famous for the fact that here in the village of Konstantinovo there is a house where Sergey Yesenin grew up. Now there is a museum-reserve, where the manor of Yesenin is located, the school where he studied, museums, places that somehow influenced the fate of the poet. In the village is very beautiful at any time of the year, because it is located on the banks of the Oka, from where a stunning view opens. Only after seeing such a beauty of nature, you begin to understand where the poet drew his inspiration.

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