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Where to go for New Year's holidays with children

Where to go for New Year's holidays with children

Children are very fond of New Year holidays. After almost two weeks of free time and holiday.

And parents have a new concern - which lead their child how to entertain him, to vacation truly memorable.



On New Year's holidays you can go on a visit toSnow Maiden. The truth is to go too far - to Kostroma. But that is where the house is located and the Snow Maiden, and ice room, where everyone, without exception, give the drink a tasty "snow" cocktail. And entertains children Jokes Côte Baiyun.


If you are not afraid of the distance, you can get lucky childrenthe New Year holidays in Great Ustyug - a visit to Santa Claus. Despite the fact that the main Grandfather Frost, according to legend, is located in Moscow, there is always at the museum, someone to replace him. Therefore, meeting with a good magician will not break under any circumstances. The only negative - a long way by train and the inability to get to the Great Ustyug by car. Because the winter road in the area is poor.


If we talk about Moscow, then on New Year'sholidays can be about children in various interesting museums. For example, in a museum "Experimentarium", which is located near the metro station "Savelovskaya" can be in an accessible and interactive way to learn about the laws of physics, as well as take part in various experiments and tests. The museum has more than 200 exhibits that illustrate the different laws of physics, mechanics, electricity and molecular physics.


If "Eksperimentraium" is more interestingboys, the girls will be delighted at the New Year holidays from the Museum of Dolls, which is on Varvarka. The permanent exhibition of the author, gift, antique and antique dolls. But most importantly, that there are master classes on manufacturing the dolls. And every child with the help of their parents can create a doll and take it as a souvenir.


In the New Year's holidays very popular withChildren enjoyed the museum "Lunarium", which is located in the building of the Moscow planetarium. In "Lunariume", located on two floors, there are two sections - "The comprehension of the cosmos" and "Astronomy and Physics." The main value of this museum - 80 exhibits that demonstrate the laws of physics. All exhibits can be touched by hands, visitors themselves can create clouds and tornadoes, as well as to generate electricity.

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