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WHERE to go on New Year's Eve inexpensively


Where to go for the New Year inexpensively</a>

To enjoy the delights of Russian winter, there are as many as 3 months.

However, such a holiday dear to many as the New Year, it is better to meet in warmth, surrounded by palm trees or architectural monuments.

Despite all the delights of overseas rest, most citizens do not want to spend too much money from their own family budget for New Year's and Christmas holidays.

You will need

  • - international passport-
  • - permit to Egypt-
  • - a trip to India-
  • - A trip to Thailand.



It is quite inexpensive to note this holiday inEgypt. It is this country that is famous for its mild climate, good-natured and benevolent personnel, which is largely accustomed to the noisy Russian holidaymakers. Especially will like the local exotic to those who were abroad for the first time. In Egypt, you can not be disappointed, because tourists are accommodated in the most comfortable hotels. What is important, it is here that the New Year is set for excellent weather and a favorable temperature regime. At the same time, the cost of permits is quite democratic. A week of unforgettable rest will cost you, approximately, seventeen or eighteen thousand rubles, and in return you will receive luxurious memories of the holidays in Egypt.


India is another option where it is possible toIt is inexpensive to have a rest in such a wonderful holiday. The sea of ​​colorful colors, delicious food and excellent weather - that's the most incomplete list of reasons why it's worth to go to this country at the end of December. In addition, in India you can arrange safari on camels, visit excursions to ancient monasteries, plunge into extreme mountain tourism. The package, which will include all the essentials, will cost you about nineteen thousand rubles.


If you really want to return to workAfter the New Year holidays with a full suitcase of vivid impressions and impress colleagues with an even tan, you better go to Thailand. Here tourists are waited by the diversified entertainments, therefore to anybody to miss precisely it is not necessary. A gentle sea and snow-white, unspoilt beaches will satisfy even the most sophisticated tourists. There will be such a comfortable and exotic holiday for the New Year in the range of thirty thousand rubles.

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