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WHERE to go on New Year's Eve


Where to go for the New Year</a>

The main holiday of the year can be noted in a cozy home atmosphere, in a restaurant or at a recreation center. And you can meet the New Year on the edge of the world.

In any part of the world, you will spend the beginning of the year perfectly if you plan everything in advance.



You can meet the New Year in Yakutia. Celebrate holidays in the moderately warm Lapland or Veliky Ustyug, of course, fun, but the real test of frost you will pass here in the Far North. You can get here from the western part of the country by plane or train. The cost of rooms in hotels - from 2500 rubles per day.


Visit the ethnographic center "Chochur" in YakutiaMuran ", ride a dog sled along the frozen lake Ytyk-Kyuyol, along the Kolyma road," Road on the bones ". Stop at the unfrozen shaman-brook. Visit the residence of the Lord of the Chyshaan cold. In the municipality of Oymyakon village you will receive a certificate of visiting the Pole of Cold. Take a ride on a reindeer team. In the capital of Yakutia, it is worth visiting the Mammoth Museum, the Permafrost Institute and the famous Treasury of Yakutia.


Meet the New Year in hot Africa. You can get to the capital of Mali by Air France (from $ 1200). Food here is cheap - $ 5 can be very hearty to eat. For a room with necessary amenities you have to pay about $ 20. In Bamako, visit the National Museum, the Grand Math market. Here you can stay at the time of celebrating the New Year.


In the remaining New Year holidays will be interestingTo study the life of this distant country. You can raft on the Niger River to Timbuktu, where there are the oldest mosques in West Africa. Try to get to the music festival in the Sahara, which is held annually in January. Devote a few days trekking around the Dogon country. Climb up to the highest mountain in Mali - Gombori Tondo.


Spend the New Year holidays in hospitableDubai. The main attractions of the city are the Tower of Caliph, the Parus Hotel and the Bulk Isles. You can visit Abu Dhabi and visit here in the magnificent Emirates Palace hotel, as well as in Sheikh Zayed's mosque. Most of the city's beaches in the country are paid. It is worth remembering some restrictions in wearing open clothes, especially on Fridays.

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