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WHERE to apply for the protection of consumer rights


Where to apply for consumer protection</a>

Knowing your rights is very important, because you can violate your civil rights anywhere - in the police, in the store, at school, etc.

Knowing where to turn to protect the rights of the consumer is very important, especially at the present time.



If you are hung on the market or inStore or cheated, should contact the Office for Combating Economic Crimes, abbreviated UBEP. There is this management in the department of internal affairs, abbreviated to the ATS.


You cheated in the store, providedPoor quality service? In such a case, the complaint should be addressed to the Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer Rights. Telephone hotline service: 9-900-1000-004. Also on this occasion, you can complain to the Public Reception on consumer protection issues, at the following telephone number: 8 (495) 621-70-76.


The police refuse to accept your applicationOr, worse yet, does the site employee himself violate the law? In this case, it is necessary to complain to the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate (at the precinct police station), the head of the Internal Affairs Department, on whose territory the duty unit is located (on the employee of the duty unit). If you are going to complain about the investigator or the investigator, then you should file a complaint with the prosecutor's office, in whose territory the investigator or investigator is working, or to the investigative committee.


Complaints against police officers can beThe law enforcement portal of the Russian Federation, by sending a complaint to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Tax Service or the Prosecutor General's Office. The application will be reviewed and, if the violation is confirmed, the law enforcement officer will take appropriate measures.


Complain about medical organizations shouldThe head physician of the organization whose employee violated your civil rights. If it does not help, write an application to the City Health Department or the district where the institution is located, and also to the Rospotrebnadzor Department.


Complaints against schools and similar educational institutionsShould be sent to the director of the institution. Usually they try to quickly settle the conflict, so as not to spoil the reputation of the institution. But if the director did not go to meet you and did not take any measures, then contact the Department of Education. If you did not meet this time, write a complaint to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, both to the head of the school and to the Department of Education.


On one or another bank, one should complain to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which issues licenses to the other banking institutions. The phone number of the CBRF is 8 (495) 950-21-90.


Your rights were violated by the employee of the insurance company? Then apply to the Bank of Russia Service for Financial Affairs at the following telephone number: 8 (495) 664-80-60.

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