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WHERE to go to Christmas


Christmas Tallinn seems like a fairytale city</a>

Christmas - a bright holiday, when the magicFairy tales become reality, and with people there are the most incredible miracles. The magic of these winter days is felt even by those who are absolutely indifferent to Christianity.

European and American capitals are changing, the inhabitants of the Old and New World spend the lion's share of their savings on gifts, trying to please their loved ones.

Nothing hinders you and it's fun to celebrate this holiday.

You will need

  • - repertoire of theaters and concert halls-
  • - phonebook-
  • - a computer with access to the Internet-
  • - international passport-
  • - Schengen visa-
  • - money for a ticket and souvenirs.



Recall that the Christian world notesTwo Christmas. In Russia this is January 6-7, in Catholic, Protestant countries - December 24-25. On the same December day, Christmas and some Orthodox faiths are celebrated. So, before you choose a route, specify on which calendar Christmas is celebrated in the country where you would like to go.


If you are going to start a winter holidayThe decade from the Catholic Christmas, pay attention to the European countries bordering on Russia. Residents of St. Petersburg these days are happy to go to Finland or Estonia, so you can get there in a few hours. Tallinn and Helsinki look great. But you should have a few hours left to cross the border, because it is on the days before holidays that Torfyanovka, Brusnichnoe, Svetogorsk and Ivangorod cope with the flow of tourists with some difficulty.


Very beautifully celebrate Christmas in Riga. Every year the festival "Way of Christmas trees" is held here. And in Vilnius, Christmas holidays begin in early December, and end with a holiday of the Three Kings, which coincides in time with the Orthodox Christmas.


Among Russian tourists is very popularEnjoy Christmas tours to Prague. Many travel agencies offer their clients to travel to the Czech capital with their children. The celebration program includes not only the usual street events for Europe, but also concerts and performances in almost all Prague's theaters and concert halls. In general, any European capital is good for Christmas holidays, and everywhere you will find a lot of interesting things.


However, at Christmas not onlycapital Cities. Any European city offers its residents and guests theater performances, concerts, festivals. An unforgettable experience is the Christmas holiday in Salzburg. Mozart's homeland pleases travelers with concerts of classical music, and in the local market you can buy amazing handmade gifts.


Orthodox Christmas you can note inRussia. In our country, this holiday remains primarily ecclesiastical, but in recent years it has become fashionable to organize social events on Christmas days. Look at the repertoire of theaters and concert halls of your regional or regional center. Christmas festivals take place in many regions of Russia, so you will surely find something interesting for yourself.

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