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Where to go for a walk wedding

Where to go for a walk wedding

One of the most important traditions of the wedding - a walk through the beautiful places of the couple and the guests after the marriage or wedding.

But the question is where exactly to go to a wedding a walk, you should consider well in advance of the event.



Make a wedding walk route. Often it includes city attractions, monuments to great men, "Bridges of Love" and other symbolic places where lovers rituals performed by local bonding of their feelings.


The route for the walk after marriageThey can be included and personal memorabilia of the groom and the bride's place. For example, romantic place where they first met, kissed, where they liked to be together before the wedding.


Talk with the photographer, who willconduct video and photo shoot your wedding, where he recommends to go for a walk. Photographers and cameramen are well aware, in some urban areas it turns photographing particularly successful.


Consider the scenario that played outwedding walk. Depending on the chosen place it where small creative production will take place. As a result of such experiments produced a very interesting photos and videos.


You can visit unusual places, oldmansions, museums, farms, protected natural sites in your area. To do this, you need to call in advance by calling the administration of such places and inquired about the possibility of a photo shoot in their background.


If your city has a large river, lake,Reservoir, organize boating, boat, yacht on the water territory. Horse riding, sleigh rides or in wheelchairs can also be included in the route of the wedding walk.


Do not forget that there is a natural countrysideBeautiful place where the bride and groom and the guests can go for a walk in summer and winter. Do not forget to take with you on the nature of the basket with a small set of disposable dishes, snacks, fruits, and binding on any wedding champagne.

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