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WHERE to go on a wedding walk


Where to go for a wedding walk</a>

One of the important traditions at the wedding is a walk through the beautiful places of the newlyweds and guests after the registration of marriage or wedding.

But the question of where to go on a wedding walk should be considered long before the event.



Make a route for a wedding walk. Often it includes city sights, monuments to great people, "bridges of love" and other symbolic places where lovers perform local rituals of fastening their feelings.


In the route for a walk after the registration of marriageCan be included and personal memorable places of the groom and the bride. For example, the romantic place where they first met, kissed, where they liked to be together before the wedding.


Consult with the photographer who will beConduct video and photography of your wedding, where he recommends to go for a walk. Photographers and cameramen are well-informed in what city places photography is especially successful.


Think about the scenario that you willWedding walk. Depending on him, a place is chosen where a small creative production will take place. As a result of such experiments, we obtain very interesting photographs and video materials.


You can visit unusual places, ancientMansions-museums, homesteads, reserved natural attractions of your locality. To do this, you need to call in advance on the phones of the administration of such places and ask about the possibility of holding a photo session against their background.


If your city has a large river, a lake,Reservoir, organize boat rides, boat trips, yachts on the water area. Horseback riding on a sleigh or in strollers can also be included in the route of the wedding walk.


Do not forget that there are suburban naturalThe most beautiful places where together with guests newlyweds you can go for a walk both in summer and in winter. Do not forget to take with you to the nature of the basket with a small set of disposable dishes, snacks, fruits and the obligatory at any wedding champagne.

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