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Where to rest one

Where to go to rest one

Traveling alone can bring a lot ofsurprises and unexpected encounters. In addition, such a trip, you can do just what you want for you, including the choice of a place long-awaited vacation.

Such nuances will make the trip exciting and fun.

Holidays in Russia

In summer, the Russian nice and interesting to visitKarelia south or Siberia. At this time, the weather there is particularly comfortable for long walks along the beautiful places, and nature is revealed in all its glory. Particularly striking in its grandeur of Lake Baikal. In summer, many excursions organized in the coastal towns by interesting and beautiful places in the winter where you can ride a jeep on the frozen Lake Baikal.
From mid-May to late September continuesbathing season on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region and the Crimea. There can also travel alone, stay at one of the many hotels or in the private sector among the local population. Leisure at sea there can easily be combined with a diverse excursion program.

Vacations abroad

One can go to relax and to other countries. To enjoy the sea, sun and not have to worry about in this household matters, it is best to go to Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and other countries, offering recreation on the system "all inclusive". There you can find a place where the rest will be more secluded, without a lot of noisy compatriots and scored beaches. However, in the latter case it is at least a little knowledge of English.
In late autumn, winter and early spring wella vacation in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bali. If resources permit, you can go to the white beaches of Cuba and Mexico. Open all year round beach season in the Maldives, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic. In many of these countries swimming in the ocean can be combined with excursions to local attractions, and diving.
For those who have a good command of the English language,a perfect holiday destination would be Australia. In this country, definitely will not be bored alone, because there you can sunbathe on the beautiful beach, swim in the ocean and surf, walk on picturesque towns, to drive to local wineries and meet with representatives of the local flora and fauna in the chic parks.
Relatively inexpensive, but it can be very interestingrest in Europe. Each country has it deserves special attention because it has a long history and many cultural attractions. Walking one was safe and even enjoyable. And if you want us, you can always sign up for a tour with English speaking guide.

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