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WHERE to go fishing in the summer


Where to go fishing in the summer</a>

Fishing is a favorite activity for many men, especially the summer.

I came to a pond or a lake, threw a fishing pole, fixed it and lie - rest in the sun with friends.

In the Moscow region there are many places for fishing.

Biserovo Lake is large and shallow. The maximum depth in it is only 5 meters. The coastal part is very overgrown, the bottom of the lake is muddy. There is an abundance of small perch and roach, but fishermen are primarily interested in carp and carp. The first bites well near the left bank, namely, closer to the railway tracks. There are more fish on the right bank. A catch is usually on the worm in the "windows" between the aquatic vegetation.

Travel to Biserovo Lake: along the Gorky Highway, then turn right to Kupavna, then right again.

The Trostenskoye lake is also large and shallow (notMore than 2.5 m), is located in the suburbs. At the bottom of the multimeter deposits of mud - hence the small depth of the reservoir. The banks are heavily waterlogged, the aquatic vegetation is abundant. In this lake you can catch pike, roach, crucian carp, perch. You can only fish from the boat. The best places for catching fish are those that are located near the confluence of the Trosny River and the source of the Ozerna River. In summer, float fishing rods for poultry can catch pike, worm, fry, dough and bloodworms - perch, crucian carp, roach.

Travel to Trostenskoye lake: 85 km along Volokolamskoe highway to Novo-Petrovskoye village, then along the ring road to the left, then again left to the village of Onufrievo.

Bear Lake. These two lakes near Moscow are two - Small and Large, they are connected by a channel. The maximum depth in the Small Bear is 14 m, in Bolshoy - 6 m. Carp, crucian carp, pike, tench and perch inhabit it. It is well caught from the boat and from the shore. Most often, fishermen come here to catch a line, carp and crucian carp.

Travel to Bear Lake: on the Schelkovskoe Highway, take the exit to the village of the same name - Bolshie lakes.

In the Poletskoye lake in the Moscow region, you canTo meet a large carp - up to 1.5 kg. There are also a lot of small pike, bream and perch. It is most convenient to catch from a boat, because there are not so many approaches from the shore to open water, and the banks are marshy. Fishing on this reservoir is paid, but its cost is quite comparable with the cost of vouchers for most of the reservoirs of the Moscow region. Here on the shore there is a fishing base where you can spend the night and rent a boat.

Directions to Poletskoye Lake: on the Minsk highway 8 km, then to the right after Kubinka through Krutitsy. Then drive along Mozhayskoe highway to Naro-Osanova, where to the lake only 800 m.

The pond near the village of Malinniki is flowing, here you can catch roach, crucian carp, pike and perch. It's a good idea to fish both with a spinning rod and with a float rod.

Directions to the pond: 77 km from Moscow along the Yaroslavl highway, after passing Lake Torbeevskoe, which will be on your right, about 1 km turn right and drive to the village of Malinniki via Boboshino to the dam of the pond. Or, turn left at the monument to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War and move to the village of Marino (the headwaters of the pond) through the village of Slotino.

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