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WHERE to go during school holidays


Moscow Planetarium</a>

Many parents are wondering what to do with a child during the holidays.

Large cities, and especially Moscow, offer much more interesting and useful pastime options for schoolchildren and their parents than a TV or computer.



Sokolniki is a wonderful place for familyEntertainment. There are three sites with attractions. On the left side at the main entrance there are "Fairy bends", which will be of interest to the little ones (aged 2 to 7 years), there is a trampoline, carousels, a children's circuit and a nice train. Opposite the entrance there is "Attra Park", it is designed for older children, there is a Ferris wheel, tarzanka, circuit, electric boats and roller coaster. In the far left part of the "Sokolniki" there is "Luna Park", this is the oldest amusement park in Moscow. Orient in search of "Luna Park" stands on a large Ferris wheel. It is around him that attractions are located. You can come here with older children, because local entertainment is mainly designed for them and accompanying adults.


Recently opened after the reconstruction of MoscowThe planetarium has become a modern and interesting place to visit. The planetarium complex includes several museums, for example Lunarium, where interactive exhibits are presented. There is a Sky Park with the Small and Large Observatories, Star Halls, one of which is equipped with dynamic chairs, and a 4D-movie theater.


Center Quasar will be interesting for older children. There are games in which two children's teams participate, the goal of the game is to destroy the base of opponents and score the most points. Each player is dressed in the colors of his team, while the outfit is equipped with sensors that work when an enemy hits. As a weapon, a laser-firing machine is used. The result of the players is calculated by the computer. After the end of each game, the participants receive a statement with detailed match results.


If you want to instill in your children the love ofPhysical activity, go with them to the skating rink COSMIC, which is located in the shopping center "European". This skating rink is very beautifully decorated, it looks like an enchanted lake surrounded by a forest, the shining stars are projected onto the ice, and dynamic lighting brings to mind the beautiful winter fairy-tales. You can rent skates here.

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