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WHERE to go to rest


Where to go to relax</a>

A well spent vacation will help you with new strength to get down to work and gain pleasant impressions.

However, to rest as comfortably as possible, take the time to choose the right destination for travel.



Choose a place to rest,How much time do you have. If you are free only the weekend, it is worth choosing a place that can be reached quickly and without transplants. A multi-hour flight will take away from you not only time, but also strength, which can overshadow your short rest. For a good weekend, it's worth considering proposals in Russia. For example, residents of Western Siberia in winter can choose as a place of rest and skiing Altay Sheregesh, which, unlike the Alps and other popular resorts, is nearby and attractive with democratic prices.


Decide what you want from the rest. You can sunbathe on the beaches of Turkey and Egypt - these areas are very popular with Russians. However, the hotel can be very far from historical sights, and you will not always have the opportunity to visit them. If neither Turkey nor Egypt attracts you, consider more original beach destinations. More and more popularity is gaining such a holiday in China, for example, on the island of Hainan. Many travel agencies can offer inexpensive tours in this direction. Lovers of beach exotics, willing to spend significant sums on vacation, will be interested in Goa, the Dominican Republic or the more original option for Russians - Hawaii.


If you appreciate the good food and wine,You can go to a special gastronomic-wine tour. Similar programs are offered by some wineries in France and Italy. You can visit the places of sale and production of wines and the accompanying delicacies, which are far from the main hiking trails. During such a trip, you can buy your favorite wine and create your own collection of alcoholic beverages.


Love active rest with benefit to the community? You may be interested in volunteer programs. They are organized in the most diverse spheres - nature protection, organization of holidays, restoration of historical monuments. Such volunteer work is conducted around the world, including in Russia. This kind of leisure is especially suitable for students who want to save on vacation. Usually a volunteer pays only tickets and a small entrance fee, and the host provides the accommodation, meals and entertainment program.


Take the chance to visit anyNational holiday. For example, in summer small medieval festivals are often held in small European cities. Their schedule can be found on various sites of history buffs. In winter, theater festivals and balls are held in Europe. In addition, there are various holidays and fairs, timed to specific dates. But be careful if your trip is for Christmas and New Year - in each country these holidays are met in different ways. For example, in Paris, unlike London or American cities, on New Year's Day there are no organized street festivals, salute, or other interesting events. But in this city it makes sense to come a week after the New Year - to the very beginning of winter sales.

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