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Where to go after college

Where to go after college

While studying in college, you know exactly what devoted his life to the development of the obtained profession.

And it happens in a different way: you study and clearly understand that it is - not your calling, and should continue to have training on a more attractive profession for himself.



Admission to the different universities. In many colleges, top students have the right to continue their studies at the university - for free and without exams. The rest must pass some specialized disciplines. For example, at the Pedagogical University should pass pedagogy and psychology at the University of Economics - mathematics, Russian and foreign languages.


Focus on the job. In many colleges all honors, and in some and horoshist, give direction to the work. According to this document it is necessary to work for 3 years, after which, or stay on the job or resign. Such directions are given, for example, in a medical college.


Self-employment. This option is suitable for those who want to continue their education, and those who did not receive directions. In the first case, the student can study by correspondence or payment in full-time while working. In the second - a man he could find a job for everyone. For example, after graduating from technical college, the first will continue training at the university with an additional part-time job in the specialty, and the second will work seller.


Work in College. Some graduates are working in their school as a teacher. For example, teach hairdressing at college service areas. Intern later sent to refresher courses.


Courses for retraining. Sometimes a person has chosen not to work on your profile, but there is a problem: it only take home a specialty. For example, he learned not economically college and wants to work as a programmer. In this case, you can finish the retraining courses. And with the excellent results of studies he issued the direction to work.


Military service. For young people who do not want to learn, there is a way - to go to serve in the army.

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