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WHERE to go after college


Where to go after college</a>

Studying in college, you know for sure that you will devote your entire life to the development of the profession you have received.

And it also happens in another way: you learn and clearly understand that this is not your vocation and you should continue your education in a more attractive profession.



Admission to various universities. In many colleges, excellent students are given the right to continue their studies at the university - free of charge and without passing exams. The rest must pass some core disciplines. For example, Pedagogical University should pass pedagogy and psychology, at the University of Economics - mathematics, Russian and a foreign language.


Referral to work. In many colleges, all the honors, and in some even horoshists, are given a referral to work. On this document, it is necessary to work for 3 years, after which either stay at work or quit. Such directions are given, for example, in a medical college.


Self-employment. This option is suitable for those who want to continue training, and for those who have not received a referral. In the first case, the student can study in absentia or paid on a full-time basis and at the same time work. In the second, a person could find a job for himself. For example, after graduating from a technical college, the first will continue to study at the university with additional work on the specialty, and the second will work as a seller.


Work in the college. Some graduates remain working in their school as a teacher. For example, in the college of service industries, hairdressing is taught. The young specialist is later sent to refresher courses.


Retraining courses. It happens that a person has already chosen a job not according to his profile, but there is a problem: they take it only in their own specialty. For example, he graduated from economics college, and wants to work as a programmer. In this case, you can finish the retraining course. And with excellent results of studies, he is given a referral to work.


Military service. For young men who do not want to study, there is an option - go to serve in the army.

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