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Where to get a TIN


INN - a taxpayer identification number.

It contains the code by which the tax authorities are ordered all taxpayers.

For VAT should apply to the tax office in person or use the electronic service.

Production Inn in tax inspection

For a person must apply INNthe tax office at the place of residence. It is necessary to have a copy of the original passport, a statement of an approved pattern. The sample application is usually posted on the information boards of the tax inspection. A few days after submitting the application will be to come for testimony. Get IIN for another person it may be charged if the power of attorney certified by a notary.
For VAT you must copy in the mailpassport, certified by a notary public, a statement sent by registered mail with return notification to the tax office at the place of residence with a note on the envelope "On receipt of the certificate VAT."

Getting INN by an electronic service

Get INN possible, without leaving home, usingspecial service website of the Federal Tax Service (https://service.nalog.ru/zpufl/). The site will need to complete a standard application form. When filling out the application partition is necessary to keep filling the results by clicking on the "Save" button. In the "Basic information about the applicant" must fill the fields: Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Gender. In the block "Data on the place of residence" fill in the fields: Address, Date of registration. In the section "Information on citizenship and identity documents," you must fill in the fields: Citizenship, document type, country code, details of the document. Completed application you can send to the tax office, to save on your computer, print it. For authorized users of the site have the opportunity to check the processing status of the application. When filling out the application in the "Contact Details" you entered your email address, then it will be sent a notification about the status of the application. In addition, the service allows you to know your VAT number, if you already have, but you have forgotten his number.
Service is convenient because it avoidsqueue when submitting the required documents and statements. But by the evidence INN need to come in person and sign the receipt. This procedure takes some time and the people who came for testimony, as a rule, passed the queue, or allocate a special window for the issuance of the TIN. If you can not personally come to the testimony, the tax office can send it by mail with return receipt requested.

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