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Where to get legal help

Where can I get legal aid

Legal aid can be obtained from government agencies, nonprofit organizations and structures, professional law firms, from private lawyers and lawyers.

These subjects may vary specialization, level of training, the cost of services rendered.

Professional legal assistance can bein several ways, and it is not necessary to plan major expenses for payment of services. Currently, almost every citizen can receive this assistance free of charge, regulated by the Federal Law "On free legal aid in the Russian Federation." Within the framework of this document, there are numerous legal clinics, and other structures that operate mainly at higher educational institutions corresponding profile. The disadvantage of getting free services often is their limited nature, the lack of suitably qualified specialists, long rendering process.

Obtaining legal aid in the state bodies

Many stakeholders do not pay attentionthe possibility of obtaining legal assistance in specialized public bodies. These services are also free, as are the relevant officials in the execution of their duties. At the same time in connection with a clear specialization in a particular activity, such assistance is highly professional. So, in the event of problems at work, you can apply to the territorial division of the labor inspectorate, which often help with the preparation of documents to the court for treatment. If there is a question in the field of consumer protection, the best option would be an appeal to the department of Rospotrebnadzor, which also turns out to have the free assistance on such issues. The disadvantage of obtaining professional legal services in government is their precise specialization, focus only on a certain relationship.

Getting a paid professional legal assistance

Applying for legal aid is paidthe most common form of citizens' behavior in the event of any legal questions. In this case, you can seek the services of private lawyers, lawyers, sign a contract with a major law firm. The important point in this cooperation is the need to pay attention to the specific powers of attorney. Thus, even the most well-known and respectable law firm will not be able to protect the interests of the accused in a criminal case in the absence of the staff member status of the lawyer.

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