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Where to find watermelons in Minecraft

Where to find watermelons in Minecraft

Watermelons in the Minecraft world - one of the easiest ways to ensure that the character of food.

In addition, watermelon slices are important ingredients in Potions.

You will need

  • - tyapka-
  • - Pond.



Watermelons can be found in the jungle and next to theThese territories. Sometimes, due to errors in the creation of the world, watermelons blocks can be found in the leaves of huge tropical trees, which makes them find quite interesting. Seeds of watermelon, from which it can grow, in some cases lie in the trunks of abandoned mines or the treasuries.


With the destruction of the watermelon block falls from three toSeven slices. They can be eaten. If a slice of watermelon on a bench surrounded with gold nuggets, it becomes a shining slice of watermelon, which is used in potions to create potions and treatments undistinguished potions.


The easiest way to grow a watermelon on their own,because its seeds are very often found in abandoned mines. Abandoned mines are called by the world in the generation of structures that can stretch for hundreds or even thousands of units under the ground. These mines are a maze of wide corridors on which the rails are laid, and their ceilings are supported by the support. In these labyrinths it is often possible to find chests full of useful things.


If you have the seeds of watermelon, you can startits cultivation. To do this, you will need to hoe, and a pond (whether artificial or natural). Chopper is made of sticks and boards on a workbench. The scheme of its creation can be seen in the accompanying picture.


Holding in the hands of a chopper, right-clickon a block of land bordering the water: you create a flower bed. It is possible to plant watermelon seeds. After some time in the garden will sprout watermelon, reared in the state, it becomes yellow. After some more time on one of the neighboring germ blocks (if they are on the same level), watermelon appears. One germ can bring any amount of fruit. But keep in mind that the presence of water-melon on a nearby cell with the germ will not allow him to grow a new one.


To create a watermelon farm and provide for themselves watermelons ever, sufficient to find a single watermelon, because when you get enough destruction of seeds.

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