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Where can I find the English language tutorial for beginners

Where can I find the English language tutorial for beginners

English in Russia taught in almost every school. However, there is often a problem of what to get these skills much easier to own.

But it would not hurt to find quality tutorials that have asked the right direction for a beginner.

What tutorial

To begin to understand what isTeach English. Some people think that reading a book titled "Teach" or "English in 10 lessons", their language skills grow high. There are many programs for the development of foreign languages, but to present the essence of the one in the book is impossible. The fact that the study is important not to just blindly memorizing words and grammar, it is important to be able to immerse themselves in the "habitat" of the English language. Therefore, when searching for "tutorial" pay attention to the training and were involved in vision and hearing, and thinking.


To use vision to find enougha good book in the English language. She will be your tutorial. Carefully grasp the meaning of the English text, and try to understand what it says. It is better to choose the product that you have already read in Russian. At first it will seem that you can not understand it, but in the end at a certain moment the feeling you evaporate and begin reading fun.
On reading and perception of visual language basedmethod by Ilona Davydova. Tutorial can be purchased in electronic form, order online and buy in a regular bookstore. The book presents a number of passages from the works of Russian classical authors with translations. you'll find tips to help you use the tutorial as much as possible is also effective on the first pages.


To teach your ears to perceive Englishspeech, listen to as often as possible is enough in this language podcasts and watch movies without subtitles. Excellent for this purpose, suitable lessons, "the BBC Russian Service," titled "Live the language". The podcasts play situations that can happen to anyone, and explain what is better to use figures of speech. Repeated eventually leads not only to the ability to perceive the English language, but also to memorize whole sentences.


This step is much more difficult, as toto think in English, you need to use, and hearing and vision at the same time. To help in solving the problem, you will be able to Dmitry Petrov "Polyglot" project course TV channel "Culture". Lessons are freely available on the internet - a total of 16, each lasting 40-50 minutes.
The peculiarity of this "tutorial" isan unusual approach to language. Already after the first English class you will be perceived as a complete bulk system, rather than linear rules that do not understand how to relate to each other.
Do not neglect communicating with foreigners. So you secure your knowledge and finally will develop English thinking.

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