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Where to find the spectrum combined with each other flowers

Color circle

Original style consists primarily of a harmonious combination of colors in clothing, makeup and accessories.

If the colors do not match each other, the image is destroyed, it seems tasteless.

And it happens at a subconscious level, in accordance with physical laws of color perception.

To really look stylish, you must adhere to the laws of color combinations, dictated by nature.

Terms color combinations

First of all, you need to create an image2-4 use of color. Using the same color is dull and pale. If a person uses more than four colors, it will be like a parrot. Looking to jump from one color to another, not knowing on what to stop. This will create a sense of alarm and leave the impression of excessive variegation.
This clothing must attend primary and secondary colors. A major role in creating the overall impression also plays a mix of clothing and accessories.
There are also universal colorsblend well and complement any color - it is white, black and gray. They are best used for basic things (eg - white shirt, black shoes) that will complement any other things in the wardrobe.
Well combined with each other, any pastel colors: pink, peach, beige, light blue, etc. They can be combined in any order.
It is possible to combine related or converselycontrasting colors. Related considered colors, different from each other in shade (such as dark blue, dark blue, light blue). Contrast - it's completely opposite colors (yellow - purple, blue - orange). Only the combination of contrasting colors, which should be avoided - it is red with green.

Color circle

To find out what colors are related, andany - can be contrasted with the help of the color wheel. All a child knows colors of the rainbow. If all colors are placed on the outside of the circle, and inside it write an isosceles triangle, then, no matter how he spun within range, the angles of a triangle will always show the contrasting color against each other.
Based on the color wheel, you can always chooseown "color wheel" and pick up for her wardrobe such combinations, so they do not go beyond it. It should be borne in mind that should be combined not only the color, but also their shades. In other words, it is necessary that none of the color in the ensemble was not brighter than the rest.
Art color combinations have always been quitechallenging. But this skill, at least at the initial level, it is necessary for everyone. Despite the current restrictions, fashion has always encouraged not only classical, but also bold, unusual combinations. So that everyone can choose a harmonious and at the same time, an individual image.

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