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Where to find the guide for a hike in the mountains or in the woods

Where to find the guide for a hike in the mountains or in the woods

Many people who are going on vacation, drawsnot aimless lying on the beach, and hiking or horse riding in the mountains or in the woods, giving the opportunity to be alone with nature, enjoy the beauty of the place, not spoiled by civilization, and test yourself.

But, if you go not just a walk in the trodden paths, and is currently a multi-day trek through uncharted places without a guide you can not do.

Why a guide to hike

Even seasoned and experienced tourists, however, especiallythose going to the mountains or the woods along a complicated route in areas where they previously were not necessarily to take a guide. The conductor, a man who lives in the area and knows it well, which has been accompanied by a professional or from time to time.
Such a person is not only thoroughly studied hereevery path, but knows all the signs of the local weather, particularly the behavior and safety rules. His presence will be a guarantee that the campaign will be held in the most comfortable conditions and all participants will return from it unharmed.
Particularly needed in the conductor whenYou and members of your group - beginner tourists. Sometimes ignorance of elementary safety rules and the lack of primary tourist skills lead to real human tragedies. Explore not only the guarantor of security, but also the person who will teach you the rules of survival and show you what do you simply will not be able to see and be seen.

Going camping, carefully study all the features of this area, check the route and prepare physically.

How to find a guide for hiking

If the area where you are going, it is sufficientdesolate, can agree on, accompanied by the locals. Typically, a small (for you) a fee they will gladly agree to help visitors tour in this matter. In that case, when there is a large town, you can learn and apply to the local tourist clubs or rescue service, a division of the MOE.

Before leaving the route, notify your local rescue services and arrange target dates of your appearance, that in case of delay in assistance was sent immediately.

If they do not allocate the conductor from its ranksmembers and staff certainly advise to anyone of the locals you can turn to. Good advice and recommendations, and you can get by contacting the point of sale where they sell mountain or camping equipment, there are usually trade people are familiar with tourism and mountaineering.
Almighty Internet will assist you in your search. You can see the official sites of the cities that will be the starting point of your hike, there often has similar information. There are specialized websites that offer the services of professional guides, and they can accompany you, not only in Russia but also abroad.

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