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WHERE to find a guide for trekking in the mountains or in the woods


Where to find a guide for trekking in the mountains or in the woods</a>

Many people going on vacation are attracted toNot aimless lying on the beach, and walking or horseback riding in the mountains or in the woods, giving the opportunity to be alone with nature, to admire the beauty of places not spoiled by civilization, and to test yourself.

But, if you go not just for a walk along well-groomed paths, but in a real many-day hike in unknown places, you can not do without a guide.

Why do you need a guide in the campaign

Even seasoned and experienced tourists, however, especiallySuch, going to the mountains or the forest on a complex route in those places where they had not been before, will necessarily take with them a conductor. A conductor is a person who lives in a given area and knows it well, who is engaged in escorts professionally or from time to time.
Such a person has not only thoroughly studied hereEach track, but knows all the signs of local weather, behavior and safety rules. His presence will guarantee that the campaign will be held in the most comfortable conditions and all its participants will return from it unharmed.
A conductor is especially necessary in the case whenYou and the members of your group are beginners. Sometimes ignorance of elementary security rules and the lack of primary tourism skills lead to real human tragedies. The conductor is not only a guarantor of security, but also a person who will teach you the rules of survival and show you something that you simply can not see and see.

Going on a hike, carefully study all the features of this territory, view the route and prepare yourself physically.

How to find a guide for a hiking trip

If the terrain where you are going is sufficientDeserted, you can agree on escorting with the locals. As a rule, for a small (for you) fee, they gladly agree to help newcomers in this matter. In the case where a large settlement is located nearby, you can find out and contact the local tourist clubs or rescue service, the unit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Before you go on the route, inform the local rescue services and arrange a check-in date for your appearance, so that in case of delay, the help was sent immediately.

If they do not allocate a guide from their ranksMembers and employees, for certain will advise, to whom from local residents to you it is possible to address. You can get good advice and recommendations and turn to a sales point where you sell mountain or tourist equipment, usually people who are familiar with tourism and mountaineering are traded there.
The all-powerful Internet will help you in your search. You can see the official sites of those cities that will be the starting point of your hike, often there is such information. There are specialized sites that offer the services of professional guides, and they can accompany you not only in Russia, but also abroad.

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